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Hare Kon 183 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-04-15 13:00:58.705Z

There are 43 replies. Estimated reading time: 17 minutes

  1. L
    Lmpo2019-04-15 15:11:01.445Z

    Mmm, so he was good when Madoka left and ask for divorce, and also he was fine when Yuzu was having an afair with Joe, but now this time he says that shes is irreponsible... I hope she can be free, and not let Rin change her mind, the kid already has a mom and he is not even calling Koharu mom, I thinks he just sees her like an aunt or something, and maybe she wants a kid too, but again the fertility problems that Ryu has is another thing, well lets wait and what happen.. By the way is my first time posting and sorry about my english, is not as good as I want it

    1. JJcmok2019-04-17 17:02:59.080Z

      I see at tweeter final book release on june 2019 very excited about the ending
      But i think ryu really love kohu

      1. When madoka leave he just solillent
        But koharu he snap
      2. When yuzu cheat he just let it be
        But koharu ask if she cheat ryuu reply he will look her up
      3. Even yuzu and madoka know ryuu didnt love equally and have a special love fo koharu
      4. Ryuu always listen to koharu demand like working visiting his father etc (koharu really sincerely love this man)
        I hope that they end up be the couple but donno where to put yuzu off hehhehe
      1. Jjojo0012019-04-18 12:19:32.360Z

        I hope they not end up together,
        its too late for him to realize how important Koharu in his life, too many mistakes and manipulate
        Koharu deserve to be happy without him, she has to be with someone who can love her without share her loves one with another woman.
        if they say ryuu becomes like that because of his trauma, it wouldn't make me feel sympathy.
        Hey if he truly loves her, why would he share himself to another person? why her loves toward him can't make him understand himself and the meaning of love.
        in first place, he was carefree, selfish and full of love lust. He doesn't deserve any girl in that world. Im still don't understand why they fall in love to him.

        1. PPikut2019-04-19 20:01:26.545Z

          U got me the same idea. If he really does loves koharu he should not doing something like that. I mean for me ryu just a selfish person and full of lust. How come he love koharu more than the 2 other person when he cant let them go! Yuzu cheat and got pregnant but he never want to give her to joe, madoka left yet he still go to her and wanting her to get back to this harekon. And what is the most unacceptable here is he cheat, even sleep with madoka and lied to them especially koharu about that. Show how unimportant koharu is in his life. After all koharu does, loving, trusting him, take care of the family even sometime got jealous to see ryu is giving a full attention to rin and yuzu and giving him a support until he succeed this is what koharu get? Just being hurt at the end. So not worth it. Ryu just uses her and manipulate the whole situation cause he know koharu always been loyal and love her. For me, it is a wise decision for her to leave and find her happiness with someone else that can love her more. And not harekon!

          1. Jjojo0012019-04-21 10:08:35.433Z

            yes I hate him more because he cheats on them even its his ex wife. Disgusting.

        2. In reply toJcmok:
          LLmpo2019-04-17 18:45:58.282Z2019-04-17 19:36:59.357Z

          Yes he does love her more than the other 2 and yes I remeber that time when he told her that if she sometime cheat he will locked her... Well for yuzu that time when she found out she was pregnant was willing to be by herself, I hope Ryu fights his demons off and let koharu be free or the of them can be happy together

          1. In reply toJcmok:
            KKTC2019-05-07 13:52:06.392Z

            This is my 1st comment, can't resist to sign up and comment.
            I agree with you that Ryu loves Koharu the most but he was just too dumb to realize. Then I'm waiting for the day she's gone, letting him soak up his pain all alone. Wondering what's going to be happening next. What's on the author's mind. Hopefully, it worth a wait!!!

            1. In reply toJcmok:
              CCiara_1112020-04-28 18:01:30.203Z

              So true! After all Ryuu did i want him and Koharu to end up. And live a normal life. But I'm concerned about Yuzu and Rin. This breaks my heart. Non you idiot! HAHAHA jk ✌✌✌

            2. In reply toLmpo:
              PPikut2019-04-15 15:12:53.848Z

              Yup he was ok and cool with everything up until now... But when it comes to koharu he snapped! Lol.

              1. Uultimateblast2019-04-15 17:27:10.449Z

                Shows that she's special to him. But if she's that special then he should've taken better care of her.

                1. PPikut2019-04-15 17:37:12.351Z

                  That's what make me hate ryu. If koharu is more special to him, he should treat her better and not only using her kindness for his own benefit. And i hate when he is so confident that koharu will not leaving him cause he know koharu loves him a lot. But turn out koharu asking for divorce this time. Lol! But somehow i feel like its not easy for koharu to get a divorce. I just feel like ryu will become more trigger after this...he will not letting koharu go that easily

                  1. LLmpo2019-04-15 17:47:42.732Z

                    I know and I remember an episode where Yuzu and Ryu went to a date and she told him that he loves Koharu more or something... But with his actions I kind of doubt it, or maybe he doesnt know how to show her all the love... And now he realizes that koharu can be stronger than he tought

                    1. PPikut2019-04-15 17:55:53.353Z

                      True... With the madoka thing also make me doubt his true feeling. And dont forget he told koharu that he loves yuzu and madoka as the same as koharu! Urghh... I pity koharu for giving her all to this family when all she got is 'hurt' at the end.

                      1. LLmpo2019-04-15 18:12:40.012Z

                        Yes she always got hurt by him, ever since she got back to her town and then when she got married... Just hope for a happy ending

                2. In reply toPikut:
                  LLmpo2019-04-15 15:27:17.004Z

                  I know haha, its going to be interesting cant wait for the next one

                  1. PPikut2019-04-15 15:29:28.519Z

                    Yup this manga becomes exciting. I wish for the best 😂

                    1. Uultimateblast2019-04-19 17:32:41.237Z

                      Feels like running a marathon 😂

              2. J
                In reply tosystem:
                jojo0012019-04-15 18:24:09.691Z

                I can't help to held my smile while reading this chapter
                lol ryuu deserve all of this and I hope rin will never make koharu's decision change, I still want her to be happy, alone without that selfish man :) I just want to tell the author to make ryuu suffer more until the ending of this manga.
                he is okay while madoka and yuzu betray him but when its Koharu, he does psychic and verbal attack. what a jerk.

                can't wait and we still have to wait for another 2 weeks.....

                1. S
                  In reply tosystem:
                  sgm2019-04-16 23:53:04.411Z2019-04-16 23:59:42.714Z

                  Lol, does he seriously expect her to just forgive him for what happened with Madoka? Is one of the rules for hare-kon that the wives must forgive the husband’s infidelity or something? Is it because he thinks he’s a red blooded male so he can’t be expected to keep it in his pants as that is against his nature so she should just deal with it? She may forgive him and that is her prerogative but it is plain arrogant to just assume that she will forgive him anything and everything.

                  It really is quite amusing that he has such a heightened response to her wanting to leave. Is it because he sees her as some sort of possession that is okay with him no matter what he does? Perhaps he doesn’t like to feel that he failed. Or to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he really does love her even though he cannot or doesn’t know how to give her any definite assurance on this fact - if that’s the case then too little, too late man! Everyone needs to be held accountable for their own actions. He wanted Yuzu (and Madoka) to stay and be Rin’s father.....he should think about what is best for Rin now. Life may be difficult for him if people know that he is from a hare-kon family until and unless it becomes a widely accepted arrangement.

                  1. Uultimateblast2019-04-19 17:32:11.759Z

                    Till now he thought he could do whatever he wanted because he paid off her family's debt, but now that isn't the case and he fell off from his high ground. Serves him right tbh

                  2. R
                    In reply tosystem:
                    Radomir812019-04-15 14:10:33.420Z

                    Thanks for the translation.

                    It's hard to predict what will happen next. When Madoka left and Joe appeared, everyone thought that Yuzu would also leave and polygamy would turn into a monogamy.

                    Then when Ryu slept with Madoka after many years, everyone thought that Madoka would return to Harem. In addition, they thought that Koharu would convince her to return.

                    Now there is a suggestion for a bad ending for some characters. Because for Rin it will be a shock as Koharu will leave.

                    With one of this chapters, I agree with Ryuu that you have to give a good reason to leave. I thought Koharu would tell him she was leaving because of Rin. Because she is worried that when he goes to school, he will be harassed because he is from a polygamous family. Because people will not accept it - I thought she would say something like that, adding that she did not trust Ryuu anymore. Well, I hope the author of the manga will not let Ryuu now physically attack Rin, because the little thing Ryuu did not screw up in this family is being a good father for him.

                    1. Uultimateblast2019-04-19 17:31:14.275Z

                      Hmm feel like Koharu doesn't think that much ahead tbh. I personally think it's more the fact that she feels isolated in the family because of Rin. What do you think?

                      1. RRadomir812019-04-20 17:36:18.897Z

                        This is not a problem of isolation - means this problem was present 3-4 years ago, but Koharu and Yuzu explained it among themselves. After this incident, they lived together in the harmony for years until Ryuu, after meeting with Madoka, told his wives that he loved Madoka just as much as his other wives. Koharu felt hurt not what Ryuu mentioned that he would like Madoka to return to Harem, because she knows that he would want it. She was hurt by his word that he loves Madoka as much as his two other wives - Koharu thought it was damn unfair, especially that she and Yuzu were with him several years when Madoka escaped. And he, after all that they have gone through together, suddenly announces that they (Koharu, Yuzu) are on the same level as Madoka - it is unjust and Koharu does not accept it.

                        1. Uultimateblast2019-04-20 17:46:00.802Z

                          Good analysis. I don't object that and I do agree with that. BUT I don't think that this is the sole reason. You have to read back from the point when the time skip happened. You see Koharu struggle adapting to the new environment with Rin. Ryuu is the father and Yuzu is the mother. She's more like an aunt to him. She did feel isolated and hence in order to cement her place, she wanted to also have a child but she wasn't able to till this point. Her and Ryuu were talking about the future and what they imagine it to be. But right after that, the thing with Madoka came out. And as you have pointed out the problems, this became the final blow for Koharu. She has no reason to block all her emotions and issues and stay with Ryuu when he acts the way he does. It's the two things, isolation and Madoka that pushed her to make that decision.

                          1. LLmpo2019-04-20 18:00:54.010Z

                            Totaly agreed... Like she said her feelings are getting dirty and she wasnt happy since the beginning

                            1. Uultimateblast2019-04-20 18:42:36.866Z


                    2. U
                      In reply tosystem:
                      ultimateblast2019-04-15 13:00:58.842Z

                      Rin is the only good thing in this chapter.

                      1. S
                        In reply tosystem:
                        Sandi1232019-04-15 16:54:49.969Z

                        I'm wondering how many more chapters till the end. I hope Koharu is pregnant with Ryu's kid but leaves him too.

                        1. LLmpo2019-04-15 17:56:37.249Z

                          I hope so to, and raise the child on her own, and be happy with out the Date family

                          1. In reply toSandi123:
                            Uultimateblast2019-04-15 17:26:23.934Z

                            Author said the manga finishes within the year and we're on a bi-weekly schedule so it could end in 10-15 chapters.

                          2. B
                            In reply tosystem:
                            Bidji2019-04-17 05:21:01.373Z

                            What I'm gonna say is you guys have been jealous with Ryuu:)) :))

                            1. FFarcar2019-04-17 09:10:33.687Z

                              ask a different question: how many guys would like to see the woman who love having sex with others too? and worse yet, hear her say she loves all her husbands the same way?🤔

                              1. In reply toBidji:
                                Jjojo0012019-04-17 10:40:40.836Z

                                maybe you are the one who is jealous ^_^

                              2. S
                                In reply tosystem:
                                Sandi1232019-04-17 20:57:24.696Z

                                I honestly feel like Ryu is going lock Koharu up and not allow her to leave him.

                                1. Bbeyonds2019-04-18 00:06:22.556Z

                                  Could do it. Koharu is special to him so he could go batshit crazy. But Rin won't allow that. He's the only one that can make this family stick with each other. It's funny. He's one of the reason why Koharu feels isolated and pulls Koharu away from the Hare Kon but also the only one that could convince Koharu to stay there.

                                2. U
                                  In reply tosystem:
                                  ultimateblast2019-04-15 13:28:36.914Z

                                  Also ppl won't like it but feel like Rin will stop Koharu from filing for divorce at the end :/

                                  1. K2
                                    In reply tosystem:
                                    kamijooo2019-04-20 02:11:22.210Z

                                    Yikes everyone wrecking Ryuu here haha

                                    1. F
                                      In reply tosystem:
                                      Farcar2019-04-15 16:52:54.640Z

                                      I'm smiling! It's great to see Ryuu in trouble, his world is faltering. It is equally satisfying to see how conscious He is of own mistake with Madoka and that he can no longer manipulate Koharu. It is gratifying how Ryuu tries to shift his responsibilities to the (supposed) change of heart of Koharu, as if she were the problem. Rin says the girls shouldn't be made to cry, Ryuu made Koharu desperate as she tried to pander to her husband's mental disorders(👿)
                                      Go Koharu, be happy (with Ryuu 😍... sorry, I hope in this couple!)

                                      1. Bbeyonds2019-04-18 00:06:53.247Z

                                        It's funny indeed. The guy who's so calm and carefree and arrogant to an extent is losing his shit.

                                      2. P
                                        In reply tosystem:
                                        Pikut2019-04-15 14:05:54.505Z

                                        Lol. Suddenly i got excited to this . Ryu just lose it, serve him right. Need to see more of it! I want him to suffer and regret like hell after this..hopefully koharu will success to get a divorce..

                                        1. Uultimateblast2019-04-15 14:34:25.363Z

                                          I would be lying if I say that I didn't smile while Koharu gave it to him lol

                                          1. PPikut2019-04-15 14:38:07.164Z

                                            I thought i was the one... Lol. I've been laughing at the whole chapter especially when ryu grab her head.... Omg i feel this became interesting 😅

                                        2. F
                                          In reply tosystem:
                                          Farcar2019-04-17 09:05:50.197Z

                                          I like the blanket Ryuu has on his shoulders 🤣