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[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma 308

By system2019-04-19 20:52:49.129Z
  • 19 replies
  1. U
    ultimateblast2019-04-19 20:52:49.235Z

    Nakamura kun is looking from the shadows, wanting to join them.

    just lol

    1. Kkamijooo2019-04-20 02:10:54.394Z

      It's funny cuz it's true lmao

    2. N
      In reply tosystem:
      Noomma2019-04-21 10:22:36.168Z

      I wonder if this is the other reason Nakamura went evil on his daughter.

      1. blastrophe2019-04-21 17:23:55.987Z

        You mean so Erina won't suffer the same fate as Mana? For some reason I didn't think about that and I think you're right. That would make good sense. He wanted to created a culinary world where Erina wouldn't suffer like her mother.

        1. SSoumegu2019-04-23 03:32:52.155Z

          I would have really hoped we would have gotten more insight on that instead of the Central Shokugeki. There is still time though maybe it could be revealed.

          1. blastrophe2019-04-23 05:37:12.854Z

            True true. So many things that are really undeveloped and missed chances. Not really sure where this manga is heading. Unlike most, I still want it to continue after blue.

      2. K
        In reply tosystem:
        kamijooo2019-04-20 02:10:36.765Z

        Less angry than reddit or other places, so it's kinda refreshing?

        1. blastrophe2019-04-20 18:43:53.706Z

          Ehh there are still some hate comments. It's a bit better but not huge difference.

        2. In reply tosystem:
          blastrophe2019-04-20 18:43:29.882Z

          Won't be able to endure it if Asahi does win at the end.

          1. NNoomma2019-04-21 18:57:14.263Z

            I don’t think he will win only because if the both of them are like Saiba of the past: Asahi is the Saiba lost under pressure and searching for the meaning of his cooking, and Soma is the growing Saiba who had found his purpose and meaning in his cooking by personally challenging himself and thinking about the needs of the customers before him.

            The Saiba- Ashai will lose because that Saiba had no purpose and was not allowed mistakes to make him grow and endure. Plus he relies on borrowed power.

            The Saiba-Soma will win because he has friends to support him even when he makes his “failures” and help him grow.

            It’s why the dad and son relish the “Worst Dishes” - the mistakes forces them to grow as chefs.

            1. blastrophe2019-04-22 04:08:49.436Z

              Good reasoning. I do hope that's true, but Tsukuda has been pulling some seriously random things this arc so it does make me a bit concerned. Also, if Soma does indeed win. What's next? What kind of purpose does the fight between Erina and Soma have?

              1. NNoomma2019-04-23 01:51:39.686Z

                Probably the same relationship as he has with Takumi... the winner until the next match. They'll challenge each other, grow and refine mistakes. That will last until Soma has a hormonal explosion that will make him realize that Erina and Megumi [and the other females in the dorm] and his childhood friend have female parts. But then again- the hormonal explosion could make him go the other way too...

                Another realistic one is that he will be challenged by his dad continuously because his dad just isn't going to take being beaten by Soma ...

                1. blastrophe2019-04-23 05:39:39.181Z

                  That would be after the BLUE. I'm more talking about the final matchup which would be Soma against Erina. What purpose does that have? At that point, Soma kinda would've saved Mana. So, what drive will Erina have? Will this just be a nice wrap up of the story with Soma and Erina facing off? Few questions I have in mind if Soma really does beat Asahi.

                  1. S2sorina2019-04-23 06:48:28.294Z

                    LOL after soma beat asahi then before soma and erina fight they both first to create a dish to save mana so after that finals begin soma vs erina

                    1. blastrophe2019-04-23 15:44:02.108Z

                      Dude this whole fight between Soma and Asahi is about who can create a dish to please the God's tongue.

                      1. S2sorina2019-04-23 23:40:17.473Z

                        LOL i think soma gonna want after he beat asahi is to proof that erina's god tongue is not uselless as mana say.

          2. S2
            In reply tosystem:
            sorina2019-04-23 06:50:11.086Z

            If soma win this they he and erina gonna help mana to taste a ultimate dish and after this finals erina vs soma

            1. S
              In reply tosystem:
              Soumegu2019-04-23 03:26:30.246Z2019-04-24 00:07:42.167Z

              Interesting details throughout: I don’t know what I would want in the end really. Soma losing would be interesting only because it would inspire Erina to make one push. Soma winning would really make me happy because we won’t have to see Asahi ever again. If the series continues I really hope everyone comes back and has a part from now on. I know people are dreading it, but I really do want to see more from the others.

              1. blastrophe2019-04-23 05:42:32.873Z

                Yeah I hope we just get back to our roots like during the stagiaire arc. Instead of introducing those weird powers and noirs. Would love to see Soma going to different countries and have the old style back.