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Go Toubun no Hanayome 83 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-04-22 21:32:41.758Z
  • 9 replies
  1. BakaData2019-04-22 22:31:47.450Z

    Note that this is just a spoiler. Long summary will be out tomorrow as usual.

    1. B
      In reply tosystem:
      Bidji2019-04-23 02:38:31.399Z

      Huuuhh??!! She's lying right? That girl should be Itsuki..... But how could Ichika knew that story? Hmmmm now I'm confused

      1. blastrophe2019-04-23 05:45:15.349Z

        Remember when Ichika picked up that photo of them? She knew what's up. And now she's taking advantage of it.

        1. Mmakanzie2019-04-23 15:55:03.409Z

          Judging from that reaction. It seems like she already knew about it.

      2. C
        In reply tosystem:
        chungdirung2019-04-23 10:36:36.348Z

        Lies and lies. Why she have to do it?
        Ichika-onesan can win even just by the normal ways. Why (you) have to make her become the liar?

        1. Mmakanzie2019-04-23 15:49:12.430Z

          It's pretty funny. Last chapter her lie get busted and then she does the exactly same thing right after. I mean wtf

        2. C
          In reply tosystem:
          chungdirung2019-04-24 02:52:24.006Z

          No. Miku and Fuu-kun are in the same course. Not Nino.
          P/s: Nice. Little luck for Miku.
          But think It really be Ichika 5 year ago

          1. BakaData2019-04-24 16:12:06.574Z

            Damn it. Sorry about that. I've fixed it! Thanks for letting me know :D

            1. Cchungdirung2019-04-24 16:16:03.348Z

              You welcome. Do not worry.