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Hare Kon 184 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-04-29 01:34:24.756Z

There are 43 replies. Estimated reading time: 14 minutes

  1. J
    jojo0012019-04-29 09:11:54.206Z

    I just want Koharu divorce him. Leave him. Meet a guy that can make her happy. Take my word, his guy not worthy. Trash. Jerk. Selfish. Irresponsible.
    I want to tell NON to make her leave him. Just leave him. she deserves better than him. Even he willing to divorce the other wife. it can't make him look better or wise man. I don't know what the author think and try to make. Did NON want to show us how a man can change from trash to jewelry?
    Let me be clear. This man will always be a trash even if he do something good, even if he saved many people, trash always be a trash. I hate him. so much.
    this chapter show us how this man can act as a trash. :)
    maybe I will get block if I tell this to Non

    1. Kkamijooo2019-04-29 18:00:48.438Z

      We all know she won't leave him :( She already admitted that when Ryuu shows love to her like that then she can't push her decision and will falter.

      1. Jjojo0012019-04-30 09:53:12.753Z

        thats why I still hope for miracle to make NON change her story at the end :D

        1. Kkamijooo2019-05-01 14:49:52.445Z

          Quite sure she has already planned the ending so I wouldn't expect much.

    2. P
      In reply tosystem:
      Pikut2019-04-30 05:25:34.673Z

      Lol. Yuzu calling koharu 'selfish' is just SELFISH.Im more annoyed of yuzu and ryu right now .. Im like so disappointed at them for calling koharu irresponsible here. They dont even reflect themselve! They do what they want behind koharu before, cheat and lying to her. I mean yuzu has cheat before, so does ryu with madoka and its ok for both of them . So how does it can be normal for them but when koharu want to leave they call her being irresponsible? Moreover they both lie to koharu about madoka. Yuzu know right? But she choose to keep quiet about that. Isn't that selfish? And the night koharu know about madoka, she has to hear yuzu and ryu making out in the next room. It must be hurt a lot! Even though i like ryu and koharu end up being together at the end i still want this divorce to happen. I want ryu to regret and feel guilty for what he has done to koharu. She been loyal to him,loving him and trusted him so much but this is what koharu get at the end? If he dont change and beg on his knees to get koharu back then he dont deserve her at all. He better let koharu go and find her own happiness cause being with him is just a disasters

      1. FFarcar2019-05-02 08:06:26.288Z

        I love you 😁👌

        1. PPikut2019-05-03 00:33:16.667Z

          I love you too 🤗

      2. L
        In reply tosystem:
        Lmpo2019-04-29 03:21:42.274Z2019-04-29 03:28:32.458Z

        Poor koharu... I dont think that Yuzu should say that because she wanyed to leave the Date family first, and about the 2 of them being Rin's mom I don't think so Rin thinks that koharu is like the nanny o his aunt not a mother, and at that time when Yuzu left Koharu brought her back cuz of Ryu's happiness, because she loves him so much, and for Ryu to say that if he say that he only loves her is too late dude, from the beginning she wanted a faithfull boyfriend or husband in this case, and a family, he told her that he wanted 3 kids with her and after 5 year I guess there are zero kinds... God I wrote a letter haha

        1. Xxxxntrat2019-04-29 03:39:29.931Z

          Not having kids yet isn't really what either desire though. It's already been explained that they can't have kids at the moment and that the chances are very very slim. So it's not like he intentionally broke that promise. But I agree with your other points ;-)

        2. F
          In reply tosystem:
          Farcar2019-04-29 06:26:42.416Z

          . it is true that Ryuu has problems having children, but it is also true that he deceived Koharu by telling her that they would try to have them and immediately after he betrayed her with Madoka. today we can try different ways to have children and he did not do it, he did not plan visits or he did care or anything. he planned instead to seduce (it didn't take long!) Madoka to bring her back home, despite the feelings between Koharu and Madoka. he planned everything behind the wives to put both of them in front of a fait accompli: sex with Madoka all the same roof again.
          until koharu has to tear himself apart for the good of all others except her own. Does Yuzu feel betrayed? Is Koharu irresponsible and selfish? No! I think instead that Yuzu is now aware that she has caged Koharu, she with her words and behavior has made Koharu's happiness impossible. yuzu got everything: she is respected wife; it is protected; has a family; has a son who can have a future thanks to Ryuu; has a partner who "loves" and is "loved"; has a sister / friend / babysitter who keeps her company; of good sex ... she has everything, she got everything at the expense of Koharu. yuzu had to forget his first and impossible love, she forgot Joe, an immature, irresponsible, jobless man, Rin's biological father who could not have given a good example.
          When Yuzu ran away, Ryuu told Joe that Koharu was not enough (in front of her)and now does Ryuu say he will only love koharu? under what conditions? stay in the hare kon? He has not yet understood anything. grow Ryuu and make your conscious choice!

          1. LLmpo2019-04-29 06:33:11.304Z

            True I was about to say something like that...

            1. In reply toFarcar:
              Kkamijooo2019-04-29 18:02:40.184Z

              True. I understood where Yuzu came from. I get how she feels. BUT her situation is different to Koharu. I hope she will revisit her words and tries to understand Koharu's situation more instead of just pushing her logic and perspective into Koharu.

              1. Xxxxntrat2019-04-29 19:09:50.325Z

                A very human reaction. Not claiming she was in the right as she doesn't grasp Koharu's feelings, nevertheless understandable to react like that.

            2. K2
              In reply tosystem:
              KTC2019-05-07 14:07:39.049Z

              Our Koharu is stronger than before, finally!!! Sigh..

              Ryuu: “If I say that I will only love you, will you then stay here?”

              Koharu: “No. That’s not like you Ryuu. No matter what, you need to keep being yourself. Taking care of everyone equally. I mean that’s the good thing about you…I’m sorry. I actually love you so much and I can’t endure it. My head is always occupied thinking about you. But it hurts…I can’t. If you don’t get away now then I…Please…let me go…”

              1. I
                In reply tosystem:
                Ika2019-05-05 09:16:56.853Z

                Hahahaha it nice to see ryu suffer tbh 🤣

                1. BakaData2019-05-05 21:10:52.733Z

                  Facts :D

                2. W
                  In reply tosystem:
                  WolfEgoist2019-05-02 09:35:54.080Z

                  But the most important is Koharu need kill this love before it's kill her.

                  1. Jjojo0012019-05-02 16:02:34.508Z

                    I think the author don't want to kill her love :") she will suffer even if she didn't realize, Ryuu manipulate her mind too much then what we expect

                    1. WWolfEgoist2019-05-02 16:17:40.121Z

                      Oh! One moere thing.. Do you know this song? It's too popular tho..

                      1. Xxxxntrat2019-05-02 18:02:04.176Z

                        What song? lol

                        1. WWolfEgoist2019-05-02 23:14:43.416Z

                          Kill this love. I reccomend it. 😉😉

                          1. Jjojo0012019-05-03 16:47:26.958Z

                            I know that song!!! its one of my favourite song lol. I like kick it and don't know what to do.. I think I like all of them in the album

                            1. In reply toWolfEgoist:
                              Xxxxntrat2019-05-02 23:32:19.957Z

                              K-pop. So hot right now :D Listening it right now.

                    2. S
                      In reply tosystem:
                      sgm2019-05-03 07:49:49.006Z

                      Hmm, is Yuzu blaming Koharu for making her stay in the hare-kon? Yuzu is a grown woman....if she didn’t want to stay then she could have left. It’s not like she would have been forced to stay if she really wanted to leave. It is unfair that her staying is dependent on Koharu’s staying/perpetual unhappiness. Some people are given all the advantages in life and then freak out when even something minor comes along to derail the status quo. If she just doesn’t want to be the only wife then they can always just find another wife who has the same mindset as her and Ryuu. You can’t be “in love” as that will inevitably lead to possessiveness and jealousy....for the concept to work you have to think with your brain and not your heart. Or just be into the concept of free love.

                      1. In reply tosystem:
                        kraft2019-05-14 05:59:19.714Z

                        Letting you all know that there will be no Hare Kon this week. It's on a bi-weekly schedule but we had the Golden Week in Japan so the new chapter will come out next week. The manga will also end pretty soon. So we've few more chapters to go 😢

                        1. BakaData2019-05-14 06:10:43.230Z

                          Was about to post that haha Thanks for doing it :-)

                        2. R
                          In reply tosystem:
                          rewww2019-05-19 10:32:38.544Z

                          plot twist. koharu end up with madoka. lol :'( /sigh/
                          I just can't endure this sadness because the manga will end soon. I think koharu will divorce, because if they don't then the story will still going with another long story.
                          If Ryu said he will love koharu only, then its a lie, I don't think its love.

                          1. Zzebrat192019-05-19 23:39:22.986Z

                            Ahh the lesbian ending aka avatar ending haha

                          2. L
                            In reply tosystem:
                            Lmpo2019-04-30 20:48:52.517Z

                            I wonder what Madoka would say if she heard what Ryuu say to Koharu just now (that he will only love her) .. I remember her saying that she wanted Ryuu to love her and only her, and Ryuu told her that he can't do that... Anyways I just want Koharu to get divorce and be happy

                            1. IIka2019-05-18 10:28:40.179Z

                              Maybe madoka will be crazy if she hear that
                              Becauze she really jealous of koharu

                              1. Jjojo0012019-05-18 14:40:16.372Z

                                she will flip the table, stab Koharu will real knife

                                1. Mmakanzie2019-05-19 09:21:32.904Z

                                  Nah she doesn't care anymore imo

                            2. X
                              In reply tosystem:
                              xxxntrat2019-04-29 05:50:38.894Z

                              This situation is getting messier and messier.

                              1. LLmpo2019-04-29 06:20:51.493Z

                                I agree with you😢

                                1. Kkamijooo2019-04-29 17:59:58.147Z

                                  The life of a hare kon :D

                              2. U
                                In reply tosystem:
                                ultimateblast2019-04-29 18:07:14.453Z

                                Yikes. Everyone's massacring Ryuu here.

                                1. Xxxxntrat2019-04-29 19:10:17.847Z

                                  Deserves it tbf

                                2. B
                                  In reply tosystem:
                                  Bidji2019-04-30 08:27:22.651Z

                                  woah woah woah what happen with Koharu in the last paragraph?

                                  1. Jjojo0012019-04-30 09:54:56.484Z

                                    maybe she will not get divorce. She is just love him too much. what she got is something that not worthy for her loyal and love toward him. UGHH I hate him :(

                                    1. FFarcar2019-05-02 08:07:34.482Z

                                      Naaaa! Koharu'll go away!

                                      1. In reply tojojo001:
                                        IIka2019-05-05 09:15:48.770Z

                                        Beat me
                                        She will divorce no matter what ryu said

                                    2. I
                                      In reply tosystem:
                                      indfam2020-03-12 03:37:32.390Z

                                      I wanted Koharu to walk away from this messy marriage right from beginning. She grew up which is good and became strong but god this whole marriage situation was so manipulative. And what is Ryuu talking about loving only Koharu. He never loved other two. He was too interested in sexual healing them. Both Yuzu and Madoka were scared of Koharu for having that man child's heart while they only had his body. The fact that he visited cafe daily for 4 years when she was in Tokyo and building great relation with her parents, his extremely possessive words after marriage, the fact he could not forget her for 10 years all point towards his longing for her. His love for Koharu (that bankrupted them) was reason why Madoko hated her so much because Koharu unknowingly had sway over his mind. And why Yuzu tried so hard to push Koharu into being physically intimate with the man (to assuage that sexual longing). If Koharu was bit smarter and not emotionally battered on all side, she would have totally kicked all three of them to curb but then we would have no story. Only if her dad did not die so early. Her mom was total let down. I don't hate Ryuu like others but he is not a prize material and his wives are even bigger of a problem. And with Koharu's attitude of not letting out her feeling, I feel like she will never find that security in the dysfunctional relation.

                                      1. C
                                        In reply tosystem:
                                        Ciara_1112020-04-28 18:07:28.010Z

                                        This is so fucking emotional! I want Koharu and Yuzu to be happy! That's it. Ryu! Be a man!