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[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma 310

By system2019-05-10 09:02:54.757Z
  • 13 replies
  1. S
    Soumegu2019-05-10 18:32:05.745Z

    The Hayama comment is interesting especially about what he said to Hisako in the Autumn Elections. If the stories continues I hope we get rematches or at least some kind of interaction from former opponents.

    1. Kkamijooo2019-05-13 07:15:08.232Z

      Don't think the manga will continue after this really. Feel pretty sad about that tho.

    2. In reply tosystem:
      OyraYukihira2019-05-12 07:07:20.977Z

      Even japanesse ppl doubting when the manga's arc come to the end.
      Now I just ignoring the fake issues about this.

      1. MMrF0x2019-05-12 20:28:10.773Z

        This manga kind of became parody of itself because to of this rapid grow of Soma and almost no development for other characters. I'm not sure if it was somehow planned or author just wants to push it to the end.

        I mean seriously if it won't end after this ark what else author can throw at Soma- aliens or something? Also pretty much only plots left are match with Erina and Soma mother(honestly wouldn't be surprised if she was Mana sister or something).

        1. OyraYukihira2019-05-13 04:52:37.474Z

          Soma and Erina are siblings?
          Great rhetoric but not so great as a fact.

          1. Kkamijooo2019-05-13 07:14:39.995Z

            That wouldn't make them siblings. They would be cousins.

            1. OyraYukihira2019-05-14 16:18:16.461Z

              That just a silly plot twist that I dont wanna know for real lol

              1. Kkamijooo2019-05-14 22:20:33.973Z

                Me neither lol

          2. In reply toMrF0x:
            Bbeyonds2019-05-14 05:37:39.566Z

            If Soma beats Asahi (which will happen) it's such an ass pull. He's beat the guy that destroyed Eishi? It's a ridiculous rapid growth.

            1. OyraYukihira2019-05-14 16:17:07.614Z

              So what are you prefer for? Dont tell me that you prefer soma lose instead of with his career

              1. Bbeyonds2019-05-14 22:19:10.874Z

                Didn't say that. Obviously, I want Soma to win and not see Asahi anymore. But OP's point was that Soma's win means that he has made a massive jump without seeing how he developed there. That's not the issue.

                1. OyraYukihira2019-05-15 02:34:10.076Z

                  But its all about choosing the good goal in a bad options. Prefering is a must here.

                  1. Bbeyonds2019-05-24 22:31:19.510Z

                    True. Still a reason to complain. Just venting I guess?