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Domestic na Kanojo 229 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-05-15 02:26:46.188Z
  1. OyraYukihira2019-05-15 02:26:46.271Z2019-05-15 03:04:38.061Z

    I dont get it, why ppl hate this kajita easily in the beginning? He wasn't a bad guy in fact.

    1. BBidji2019-05-15 04:15:50.370Z

      Ah ppl just can't accept their favourite girl wouldn't end up with the mc :)) now the author will mess up with their heart by this plot coz in the end hina will end up with natsuo and I think the author already gave Rui the best replacement for Natsuo ;)

      1. MMysterio2019-05-16 03:54:17.236Z

        I will prefer rui ending with Natsuo.. coz their chemistry has been build strongly... If natsuo again changes his girlfriend then it will b like a joke.. if his love is true he will stick with rui...

        1. MMrF0x2019-05-16 08:17:09.827Z

          Well if it will Rui ending this will be pretty much cliché waste potential. Not only previous ark about "moving on" would be pointless, but also this ark will be standard: "Kajita's nice guy, but I love Natsuo after all" > "let's get back together"> "Happy ending".

          I also predict that author will go 50-50 chance between sisters before ending, but seriously it's so standard that it will be annoying.

          1. M2makanzie2019-05-18 08:08:47.291Z

            Pretty much like GE.

          2. In reply toMysterio:

            Rui is just a replacement to set for Hina and Natsuo to be more Dramatic.

            1. In reply toMysterio:
              Zzebrat192019-05-19 10:17:22.007Z

              I would be surprised if they don't end up together to be honest. The manga has been building up for them to be the end couple. Gotta wait how the story progresses from now on but I think the Hina route would be a bit weird at this point.

            2. In reply toBidji:
              OyraYukihira2019-05-15 13:54:08.508Z

              Well, I like kajita personally, unlike hina's ex criminal bf and another one.
              Natsuo is a good guy but I prefer kajita's maturity to make Rui shine.
              Btw I am team hina and love Rui's careness before break up. Tbh, I don't hate Rui when she did that to Natsuo, because it just how Rui not yet be an understanding girlfriend.

              1. BBidji2019-05-19 11:32:57.605Z

                AHA we are on the same team and btw he's not hina ex :D

                1. OyraYukihira2019-05-21 16:24:35.655Z

                  Kajita isnt her ex and I know it. seems like you misunderstood my comparison here

              2. In reply toBidji:
                MMrF0x2019-05-15 10:27:46.420Z

                Honestly, I don't how other ending than Hina x Natsuo would make sense now. A mean she doesn't have any character development outside Natsuo at all since stalker ark- literally everything she does is related to him.

                However, I'm quite sure that author will wasted this ark to just connect Rui and Natsuo again before the ending and making it 50-50 between Hina and Rui.

                1. OyraYukihira2019-05-15 14:01:00.836Z

                  I heard that it will be 1 or 2 volume again to see the end of everything in this manga. Maybe that girl in a drama club (I forget her name) will be crushing against hina, hopefully she will be the "last opponent" for hina. Gladly I am team hina since beginning.

                  1. MMrF0x2019-05-16 08:41:48.992Z

                    Yes, author mentioned that manga will end before vol 30 and now we are in vol 23 I think.

                    This one of my problems with this author- no control over timeline. For example it was like this with girl from drama club: "she will make move now" and since then weeks/months passed. Another thing is lack of character development or at least some mention for both Rui and Hina(especially like I mentioned before), because those arks lately are close with just one of them like: Rui ark to Hina ark to Rui ark to Hina ark etc.

                    Well I just hope my predictions will be wrong and author won't go full cliché in this ark and ending.

              3. In reply toOyraYukihira:
                BBidji2019-05-19 11:34:56.526Z

                it seems like I have disturbed a honeycomb :D

                1. In reply toOyraYukihira:
                  Zzebrat192019-05-19 20:32:52.416Z

                  Because he looks like a rival to Natsuo. But Kajita's definitely a cool dude.

                2. U
                  In reply tosystem:
                  Unique_and_short2019-05-20 19:50:02.527Z

                  Tbh.. this comment section never fails to make me depressed :'D

                  1. Kkamijooo2019-05-22 06:44:30.627Z

                    lol why