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Go-Toubun no Hanayome 85 Summary discussion thread

By system2019-05-15 03:00:41.169Z
  1. OyraYukihira2019-05-15 03:00:41.254Z

    So, Itsuki and Ichika ever met fuutarou in the past, but Ichika here wants to support Miku and ready for sign the 'white flag' although MC dumped her as one of his childhood friends. Then Rena (itsuki) kinda got dumped in the past chapter just because she wasnt answering MC for this quintupplets secretive issues.

    Btw, I don't see MC feels the excitement from all of this confession etc. Its awkward to see him like that, but it isn't his fault because secretive issues still confusing him with that flat face

    1. M
      In reply tosystem:
      MrF0x2019-05-15 11:01:33.294Z

      Well seems I was correct in not including Nino in any of my predictions last time. Also looks like Ichika is out of picture now.

      In case of Miku, if manga will end in next 5/10 chapters* it will be here otherwise I would say it pretty much will be Itsuki(still my bet)- Logical ending. As author still didn't make any build up for "Unexpected" ending- Yotsuba.

      However, after this chapter I also get feeling that "Forget logic and clues >to maybe reader decided" ending makes even more sense now.

      Honestly doubt it- would say it will end in vol 11. Also, I think vol 10 cover will be Yotsuba and 11 will be Itsuki since author follows sisters in weeding dress theme from vol 7.

      1. NNew17Doctor2019-05-16 02:52:00.014Z

        It will probably end in chapter 93