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[Japan Reacts] Go Toubun no Hanayome 85

By system2019-05-17 23:37:28.938Z
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  1. Z
    zebrat192019-05-19 10:23:06.321Z

    I really want the manga to last longer, but gotta respect the author wanting to keep the quality and not maximize profit.

    1. MMrF0x2019-05-19 17:14:23.086Z

      I would say it probably will end in vol 11. Because since vol 7 author uses theme of each sister in weeding dress for covers: Vol.7 - Ichika, Vol.8 - Nino and vol.9 - Miku.
      Now we are getting close to end of vol 10 (current chapters from 78) and my bet is that vol 10 cover will be Yotsuba and for 11 it will be Itsuki.

      1. Zzebrat192019-05-19 20:31:52.969Z

        Sounds reasonable. Are you happy that the manga won't last that long or what do you think?

        1. MMrF0x2019-05-19 21:44:13.992Z

          In case of this kind of storytelling "flash-forwards" plot must be developed at start or you will get ending which won't make sense. That's why I don't like it that much as it takes some fun from story, because you know ending to some point and backfire/plot errors chance is high.

          Let's just hope that author had good vision and wasn't pressure by editors to drag story on.
          So as long it progress with author plan I fine with it.