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Hare Kon 185 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-05-20 06:57:23.430Z
  1. R
    Radomir812019-05-20 17:56:07.316Z2019-05-20 18:03:09.352Z

    This Ryuu's suffering looks better in the description of this chapter than it really is. The story is a bit similar to what Ryuu had with Maodka - there was also a lot of crying and it ended with sex. And like Madoka, Koharu left, only from home, not like Madoka from the train.
    After all, for this chapter, I give Koharu a big minus for "showing" the middle finger in the direction of Rin and Yuzu. The kid will certainly be sorry to find out that the other mother has run away from him.

    The author of the manga on the twitter wrote. that she waved a little to write the final ending. I do not know if she had a problem with the editor.

    If only two chapters have been left, then there will be some super time skip and showing the life of all four of them plus Rin. Where Koharu and Ryuu get married and live together without Yuzu and Madoka. - That would also mean that Rin lost his father. Maybe Rin and Yuzu will go to Joe. - although I would not want to, because in the past Joe was abusing Yuzu.

    Madoka, maybe she will find happiness with another guy at the end? - Yeah, I'd rather believe that the Night King is calling for peaceful conferences than Madoka has another guy.

    Harem ending? So Ryuu agrees with Madoka and together with Yuzu bring Koharu to their home. Then Ryuu marries them? Judging from the author's behavior, such a conclusion is rather unlikely, although possible.

    1. F
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      Farcar2019-05-20 20:55:50.178Z

      Well... Koharu is the only strong woman in that family. Only she can shock and make grown Ryuu... n now Ryuu can decide to become an adult or continue to be the usual child.
      if we had more chapters it would have been interesting to see Koharu's pregnancy and Joe's return with a job in order to support his wife and child ... it would still be interesting to abrogate the law of the harakon ... !!!what a pity 😩

      1. In reply tosystem⬆:
        BakaData2019-05-20 10:33:39.707Z

        Letting everyone know that the manga will finish in 2 chapters. So chapter 187 will be the finale.

        1. Kkaffy2019-05-20 10:46:02.937Z

          Wow what a chapter. Can't see any chapter 185 tho badly wanna see the panels 😭 thank you for the summary btw!

          1. In reply toBakaData⬆:
            FFarcar2019-05-20 20:58:43.389Z

            don't spread salt on open wounds! 😭

            1. In reply toBakaData⬆:
              BBidji2019-05-21 09:35:21.664Z

              Aw, is it a GOT effect? even for Gotoubun no hanayome nearly hit the end

            2. Y
              In reply tosystem⬆:
              Yahana2019-05-20 13:19:54.677Z

              I hope she show Ryuu in more pain in the next chapter. If he truly loved her his heart would be ripped to shreds.

              1. S
                In reply tosystem⬆:
                sgm2019-05-21 13:54:37.248Z2019-05-21 14:16:42.686Z

                Ahhhh, I don’t know what is going to happen in the remaining chapters but I feel so much at peace at the end of this chapter summary. Be free Koharu, be free! 😌. If I don’t like how it actually ends then I’m just going to accept this chapter as the favourable ending in my mind, haha!

                1. P
                  In reply tosystem⬆:
                  Pikut2019-05-20 14:19:53.688Z

                  I should be happy about koharu is finally leaving ryu and this family but deep inside i suddenly got emotional and heart broken while reading this chapter. It seems like koharu is ryu biggest weakness tho. Its sad to see ryu like this but at the same time i want to say 'serve him right, you deserved all of this pain and i hope you suffer more than koharu does'. Two more chapter, and i become afraid of the end! I still hoping the two of them endup together at the end but im afraid they dont πŸ˜”

                  1. CCiara_1112020-04-28 18:12:25.333Z


                  2. L
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                    Lmpo2019-05-20 11:52:59.919Z

                    Thank god she finally left that family... Hope she get her happy ending, I didnt like Ryuu's lasts words but its just the way he is and koharu knows that

                    1. I
                      In reply tosystem⬆:
                      Ika2019-05-20 07:19:09.786Z

                      This is the best chapter i ever read πŸ˜‚ glad to see ryu suffer,glad to see koharu left this toxic family πŸ˜‚

                      1. Mmakanzie2019-05-20 09:34:45.029Z

                        Yeah. I actually now think that she won't return to the family anymore. Damn.

                      2. J
                        In reply tosystem⬆:
                        jojo0012019-05-21 15:42:07.845Z

                        finally we can Ryuu suffer lols
                        I want him feels suffer for the rest of his life, he deserves it.
                        I don't know why but I'm afraid maybe Koharu will get pregnant and she has to be with ryuu as her child's father. AND I DONT WANT THAT STORY. Hope not. This author has potential to make this story like that way, because this is how NON thinks.
                        Please just be happy alone without that sick man. I don't want Koharu go back with him.
                        I actually I don't like this chapter because why every problem In this manga always ended with sex :) I just like "What the f*ck".

                        1. F
                          In reply tosystem⬆:
                          Farcar2019-05-21 21:30:25.189Z

                          more I think of the whole story, more I feel that something is wrong. The great absentee is the most important female figure: Ryuu's mother. We had a glimpse of the past of the MC in the chapter where the father was presented. A taciturn, angular, "strange" man, who wore on his finger a woven rope ring (?), Not a real wedding ring, but a symbol of an indissoluble bond.
                          at this point I wonder if Ryuu's mother was a weak woman, in need of protection, or quite the opposite: a strong woman who abandoned her family. however Ryuu's personality is linked to the mother figure.
                          perhaps if Ryuu overcomes his fears (and Yuzu and Madoka manage to "walk with their own legs") he could become a man worthy of Koharu. We'll see!

                          1. K
                            In reply tosystem⬆:
                            kamijooo2019-05-22 04:41:09.434Z

                            Only 2 chapters? Not sure how NON will wrap the story up from here.

                            1. R
                              In reply tosystem⬆:
                              ReiHiro2020-06-03 01:57:46.347Z

                              Alright, sorry for the broke english, but seeing the comments I realize that nobody's recalling how Koharu end in first time in Harekon, basically Koharu was treated by Ryuu to married with him paying her family's bills, so I hope for the young Koharu, before know Ryuu, with strong spirit and character, run for her own happiness without begin thread in more psicologic schemes

                              1. M
                                In reply tosystem⬆:
                                makanzie2019-05-20 09:34:20.052Z

                                I CAN"T wait to see Ryuu's crying face.

                                1. IIka2019-05-20 10:17:18.663Z

                                  Hahaha me too