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Kanojo Okarishimasu 91 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-05-22 01:07:50.880Z
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  1. C
    chungdirung2019-05-22 01:07:51.082Z

    So, now he become the rentai boyfriend?
    I didn't see it coming.
    P/s: In the last pic, i think she have the ring in her house. Please double check

    1. MMrF0x2019-05-22 07:39:42.025Z

      Well they are pretty much fake couple, but in true love only because both are afraid to move pass it and go with real thing. Also I like how Chizuru came clean with her feelings to partially lie after that it's only for grandmas sake. Now I wonder will next be Mami plan or Sui(she has present for Kazuya) will show up and Chizuru will get a little bit jealous.

      P/s: In the last pic, i think she have the ring in her house. Please double check

      Yes, you are right with that- she took it after all.

      1. In reply tochungdirung:
        Kkamijooo2019-05-22 04:41:36.516Z

        Gotta pay the money now lol

      2. K
        In reply tosystem:
        kamijooo2019-05-22 04:42:23.431Z

        There's alway complaining about this manga but I like the conflict here. Both are trying to do their best to do what's right, but reached entirely different conclusions in doing so.

        1. B
          In reply tosystem:
          beyonds2019-05-22 06:49:28.399Z

          Still don't see the need to push the engagement ring to Chizuru. I guess grandma wanted to show that she can always rely on the Kazuya family, but this feels a bit like a burden to me. I get the intention but still.

          1. MMrF0x2019-05-22 07:55:14.570Z

            Also it should be understood that she gave Chizuru ring as financial help if it would become necessary at any point. Kazuya grandmother knows that either Chizuru will need help with bills for medical treatment or will be alone if Sayuri will pass away soon- still I think she will at least see Chizuru play or movie.

            I don't mind it that much as it goes with way of thinking of older generations.