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Hare Kon 186 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-06-03 03:44:38.695Z

There are 27 replies. Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

  1. P
    Pikut2019-06-03 16:26:39.522Z

    So emotional reading this chapter... I mean im so glad and proud of koharu. She doing so well with her life now even though she seems to struggling to pay her debts and that is what im so adore with her character, she always 'happy, work hard and responsible'. And there must be something happen in this past 2 months, or something happen with ryu. I hope this 2 months bring a 'change' on him. I hope he becomes more mature than before. I dont know what will happen at the end, it may be the end that i hate and i hate being disappointed but i still wish for the best and i still want a happy ending which is koharu becoming his legal wife again. If this is not happening then ill keep on dreaming of them again as a husband and wife 😇

    1. F
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      Farcar2019-06-04 09:42:40.074Z

      I'm glad to read these comments. I want believe in a happy ending between Ryuu (an adult male) and Koharu... and their children.... please Madoka and Yuzu go away

      1. I
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        Ika2019-06-03 03:44:38.823Z

        Im glad koharu's doing fine with her ownlife ☺☺
        I mean even though she is poor and must working hard but she's doing fine ...
        Something must happend to ryu,so that makes yuzu & madoka visit koharu
        I wonder what is it ?
        No ryu in this chapter
        Thanks admin ❤❤❤

        1. BakaData2019-06-03 17:03:33.671Z

          You're very welcome.

        2. B
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          Bidji2019-06-04 07:57:57.358Z

          Hmmm I've a guess that madoka will back to date family :))

          1. IIka2019-06-04 08:26:23.690Z

            How so?
            I though harekon sistem is getting abolished

            1. LLmpo2019-06-04 14:36:31.171Z

              True and I remember that Yuzu's father told Ryuu that she will only marry him just because of the harekon system... Am I wrong!?!? I don't remember... So I don't think that they get marry again...

              1. In reply toIka:
                Kkamijooo2019-06-09 18:12:37.720Z

                They don't have to be married to be together though.

            2. J
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              jojo0012019-06-07 16:29:40.364Z

              I'm believe koharu will getting back with Ryu. And she's pregnant. this is how NON think I guess.
              ugh I hate those idea. I want her to meet other guy. PLEASE

              1. Mmakanzie2019-06-08 13:35:58.052Z

                May I ask why you think she's pregnant? There're no hints for that imo

                1. JJustanormalotaku2019-06-08 20:19:45.875Z

                  Well it has been said that she had a morning "sickness"

                  1. Mmakanzie2019-06-08 21:16:18.948Z

                    Ahh! Good point. That could be possible. Although I'm sceptical how everything will be wrapped up in one chapter. Feel like it will be an ending that won't have proper closure.

              2. M
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                mema2019-06-12 15:21:54.170Z2019-06-12 15:29:38.455Z

                I've been following your updates on this manga for a while now, but I just decided to create an account and a leave a "thank you" comment. So, thank you so much admin for your effort and the translations !

                May I ask, if it is 100% sure that the story will end on chapter 187? I'm following NON on twitter and today she posted some draft sketches featuring Koharu and Ryuu for the cover of volume 19. I do not understand Japanese but through google translate I've understood that the the much anticipated chapter 187 is the last chapter of volume 18 that was released a few days ago, while volume 19 will be the last one of where the manga will end. I also I remember an older post about that and i am posting a screenshot here. Am I understanding this correctly? I think it is way to rush for the manga to be finalized in the next chapter. It will be nice to have more chapters with further story development. Hopefully a very descent one!

                Sorry for the large post. I really wanted to share this with you. I looking forward for the translation of chapter 187!

                1. BakaData2019-06-12 17:46:46.077Z

                  Hey mema! I appreciate it! I had lots of fun summarizing Hare Kon and glad to hear that I was able to help out readers like you :)

                  May I ask, if it is 100% sure that the story will end on chapter 187?

                  Unfortunately, yes. Chapter 187 will be the final chapter and it will have 32 pages, which is almost the length of 2 chapters.

                  Volume 18 includes chapter 167-177, so the final volume will have chapters 178-187.

                  Hope that clears it up!

                  1. Mmema2019-06-12 17:57:49.015Z

                    Yes you perfectly have! Thank you so much for clearing this up for me.

                2. L
                  In reply tosystem:
                  Lmpo2019-06-03 14:19:43.044Z

                  Omg what if koharu is pregnant!?!?
                  She seems to be happy... Im glad for her
                  Mmm what if Ryuu send Yuzu and Madoka or something happen to Ryuu

                  1. Mmakanzie2019-06-08 13:36:24.992Z

                    I asked someone else this as well but why do you think Koharu is pregnant? Not saying she isn't, but I don't see where that's implicated.

                    1. In reply toLmpo:
                      LLmpo2019-06-08 17:53:29.545Z

                      Mmm may be I was wrong... Now that I think about it I think she just got the flu or something... And I remember Ryuu's ferltility problems... So I think she is not

                      1. Mmakanzie2019-06-08 21:16:54.192Z

                        Another user pointed out to me that she had morning sickness, so you may be right actually.

                        1. LLmpo2019-06-08 21:28:58.001Z

                          By the way I don't want the other 2 girls to convince her to get back with them, maybe if its just for her to go back with Ryuu and be his only wife... And if she is pregnant its okay to cuz she wanted a baby... But anything can happen

                          1. Mmakanzie2019-06-09 16:24:13.884Z

                            She will probably go back though. I mean one chapter just isn't enough to develop this drama fully. It's pretty weird tbh. This seems super rushed.

                          2. In reply tomakanzie:
                            CCiara_1112020-04-28 18:18:16.279Z

                            Yes i also think she is. Bc she hallucinating too much in madoka arc. She get colds and flu sorry for my grammar.

                      2. Y
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                        Yahana2019-06-04 01:31:29.382Z

                        I am so sad because even though she smiles everyday I am sure it is a smile full of pain. Working everyday and barley making ends meet to payback a debt to the person you love most that was not your debt... she is suffering all by herself. I really hope that the final chapter closes with her actually finding real happiness with or without Ryu!

                        1. ?
                          In reply tosystem:
                          anon39891827552019-06-13 16:44:56.709Z

                          I think chapter 187 is not the final chapter of the whole manga and here’s why:

                          • NON, the author, have mentioned in twitter that Ch. 187 is the final chapter of volume 18 and that volume 19 IS the last and final volume of this manga
                          • I don’t think the author would make Madoka (just her) to be on the cover of the final volume , but Koharu should be instead or the whole family maybe... not sure
                          • In baka updates, it is mentioned in the manga status (even after Volume 18 was released) that it is still ongoing. check out here:
                          1. BakaData2019-06-13 18:26:51.921Z

                            Here are the chapters of volume 18. Do you see chapter 187 anywhere? I don't think you understand how volumes and magazines work. New chapters first get released in magazines and then couple months later; it gets released in volumes, where each volume has about 9-10 chapters. So how can a chapter that hasn't been featured in Young Magazine be on volume 18 that got released few days ago?

                            Also, it even says at the end of chapter 186 that the next chapter will be the final chapter...

                            Hope that finally clears it up for everyone.

                          2. J
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                            jojo0012019-06-15 18:18:37.338Z

                            im already read chapter 187
                            ugh I hate Non so much.
                            Im never agree with those endings, I'm dissapointed. Done

                            1. Ssher182019-06-15 18:28:32.807Z

                              where you see it?? can u give the link??