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Hare Kon 187 SUMMARY Discussion Thread

By system2019-06-16 17:34:57.171Z
  • 22 replies

There are 22 replies. Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

  1. M
    Mrdude82019-06-16 18:38:06.978Z

    Thank you for translating. Disappointed about ending, oh well life goes on. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜žπŸ˜Š

    1. BakaData2019-06-18 01:00:01.850Z

      No worries! Yeah, the ending felt way too rushed, but oh well...

    2. S
      In reply tosystem⬆:
      sgm2019-06-16 20:58:43.250Z that’s it, huh? Nothing really got resolved (or rather it got resolved TOO easily) so it feels like a gag ending. πŸ˜‚. I’m glad I lost faith in this manga a while back otherwise I’d be so mad right now. Oh well, that’s that! Thank you for all your hard work translating!

      1. BakaData2019-06-18 00:59:42.938Z

        No problem~!

      2. P
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        PersephoneBlack132019-08-25 18:18:39.127Z

        That ending was awful. Thank you BakaData for translating it! I'm never going to check out NONs work because it just seems so...empty. Multiple things were never investigated. I wanted to know more about Ryuu's past, I think it would flesh him out more. Instead he comes off as a complete jerk and a creep. The women in this practically worship him. Maybe that's how NON wanted it to be, that's fine and all but there should have been a little more depth into the characters. There was a little bit woth Madoka but not a lot (and this manga made me hate her character). I was really hoping Koharu would find her own independence and grow up (and be happy) but no. She's just a baby maker for Ryuu. Ew. Ew to it all lol I'm so salty about it!

        1. Y
          In reply tosystem⬆:
          Yahana2019-06-16 18:03:30.228Z

          Soooo... Disappointed! Is this really a happy ending? I feel bad for Koharu. Thank you so much Admin for all your hard work!

          1. BakaData2019-06-18 00:58:50.264Z

            No problem! It was quite fun ;)

          2. M
            In reply tosystem⬆:
            mema2019-06-17 07:29:23.565Z2019-06-17 08:03:16.426Z

            Thank you so much BakaData for the translations and all your work πŸ˜ƒ! You make it possible for me to follow the latest updates of this manga all this time. πŸ™

            As for the ending...well I'm disappointed as well because I had higher expectations. I think is very rushed with many plot holes.

            I mean, I found Madoka's return completely off. It was just like that, without a single apology or even remorse for deliberating hurting Koharu's feelings in the recent past, or any short of action to make it up to her. 🀨
            Also, I would like to see Ryuu expressing his feelings more towards Koharu after everything happen. Although I haven't see the illustrations yet, I'm not sure whether he truly understands her value as a person in the end. 😦
            There also others things i did not like, but I will not analyze it further.

            Regardless my thoughts and feelings over this, it is a happy ending for everyone!
            So I will keep that and won't try to find reason behind it.
            At the end, I'm glad is over!
            Have a great week everyone and enjoy life!πŸ˜ƒ

            1. BakaData2019-06-18 00:59:19.575Z

              You're welcome! I'm happy I was able to help out!

            2. I
              In reply tosystem⬆:
              Ika2019-06-16 18:54:18.369Z2019-06-16 19:01:35.492Z

              Thank you for the summary admin even tough the ending is really dissapointed...i mean instead making koharu pregnant (for some reason ,i think this is just to make koharu fans happy but not me tbh) why not making ryu's apologize first ?!
              This is the first manga i never want to reread again ...
              And this is the first author i never want to touch her work again...but still thank

              1. BakaData2019-06-18 00:58:37.915Z

                You're very welcome!

              2. In reply tosystem⬆:
                BakaData2019-06-16 17:34:57.396Z

                OK. This is it with Hare Kon! Had lots of fun summarizing the last 20 or so chapters and feel a bit sad that this is the end :( I hope our summaries were able to help some of you out!

                1. R
                  In reply tosystem⬆:
                  Radomir812019-06-18 03:20:30.124Z2019-06-18 03:45:41.506Z

                  Very good ending and I wanted it that way.
                  Koharu dreamed of getting married with the one special for her, but it was just a dream the reality in which she woke up was different for her. At the end, she accepted the reality in which she was really happy. - just like Madoka stopped fighting with it and came back (probably thanks to Ryuu, who went to her to regain energy ;p)
                  I guess who's Rina's father will stay in the debate. Yuzu did not care who the biological father was, she chose family for him.
                  When Madoka escaped from Ryuu or Yuzu, Kocharu always followed them to come back. Now, the two of them dragged her back to home - which in itself is adorable. Pregnancy helped her in deciding to return home, as well as the final acceptance of her person by Madoka - The end of this conflict is finally confirmed by strong support for Koharu by Madoka

                  Ryuu can now be happy. He did not do anything in the finale chapter, and yes he became the Lord of the Rings again, and he also has three pretty women at home.
                  And finally, it is not important whether the Hare Kon system will work, because they will still consider themselves as family.
                  Thanks admin for your hard work, and I have the impression that you also wanted such an ending of this manga ;p.

                  1. RRandom2019-07-03 16:52:03.133Z

                    In chapter 117 there a hint on calendar 06/06/2015, Yuzu said going to meet an old friend who clearly Joe, not sure if this the first time they met after he was released. Yuzu expression really strange saying she pregnant neither Ryuu
                    According to conversation in chapter 119 it's been awhile since Joe came back.
                    In chapter 139 pregnancy photo can't see the date but someone said 9 weeks and Mikan thinking that why Joe gave up then suddenly seems surprising.
                    Ryuu Father also said they are don't look alive at all.
                    In chapter 138 Joe say goodbye to Mikan before leave, Mikan walking slowly alone while listening music, assuming she not going to school nor return from school, so i guess she on summer break usually from July 20 to August 31, do the match
                    Now all makes sense, i'm 90 percent sure Joe is biological father

                    1. In reply toRadomir81⬆:
                      BakaData2019-06-20 20:12:53.348Z

                      You're welcome. I think I'm OK with the ending but still feel that it was too rushed and could've been better developed.

                    2. R
                      In reply tosystem⬆:
                      Random2019-07-03 07:14:50.023Z

                      Ryuu the one who brought Koharu to Hare Kon also the reason that she left, i believe he has responsibility to brought her back but he just did not do anything, quite disappointed. The ending way too rushed. It seems like they get back from the beginning but i think they are now really consider each other as family.

                      1. P
                        In reply tosystem⬆:
                        Pio2019-07-30 06:44:45.557Z

                        Thanks admin for your hardwork :) This is so much easy to understand than the raw comic I read with all of my heart :"D
                        And big thanks for the author that create such an amazing story and beautiful artworks.
                        Well, my heart is so much in ache after reading the ending. There is something that I want to deep know but I give up, I know that there is no 100% Happy ending in life.
                        I can't support harem as well, but I know sometimes harem is not that bad.

                        1. P
                          In reply tosystem⬆:
                          Pikut2019-06-17 14:36:41.106Z

                          First of all tq admin for translating this manga for us up until now and this gonna be my last comment on this forum. Glad i found this site ❀️ So this is it! After a long journey to the end. A bittersweet ending? Not really changing anything. Still end with a polygamy. They still have to deal with the same situation as before. Somehow, i hate and disappointed with this manga a lot even though koharu and ryu is finally get back together and having their own child. What is the point tho? Still have to share a husband with another woman. Thats fucked up! Lol. Im so regretting and pity myself cause i got a high hope that this harekon system will fully abolished so that we can see this harem goes to monogamy. But BOOM !! SURPRISED! Nothing change at all. God im really wasting my time for waiting a really happy ending. This ending is lacking everywhere, its not a solid ending. Many problems and too much conflicts but at the end its left us hanging on the questions that never answered. What a dissappointment! But i still want to give credits for the author cause at least she end this disappointing manga with the sweet kisses from koharu and ryuπŸ˜ŒπŸ’• lol im so done! Bye harekon, and by non.

                          1. BakaData2019-06-18 00:58:24.859Z

                            No problem. Glad to hear that I was able to help you out :)

                          2. S
                            In reply tosystem⬆:
                            Shawj21642019-06-17 22:13:41.894Z

                            I was hoping for Ryuu to go and find her and bring her back. As for comment on that one.

                            1. L
                              In reply tosystem⬆:
                              Lmpo2019-06-17 23:35:37.748Z

                              Not happy at all... I wanted koharu to be together with Ryuu but no the other 2 with them... And for Madoka ugghh... Thanks admin for your hard work

                              1. BakaData2019-06-18 00:57:58.558Z

                                No worries.