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Statement: is down at the moment; we're working hard to resolve it

By BakaData2018-08-07 03:04:37.450Z2018-08-07 15:24:57.763Z

Hey everyone! Hopefully this post will reach some of you...

Our website got unfortunately taken down by Weebly, so that's why no one can access it at the moment. We're searching for several options to solve this issue. As things stand at the moment, there is no clear timeline of when the site will be back up. We're hopeful that the temporary website that we have planned will be up soon. Frustrating, but we have to re-build things from the beginning again, and we will try our best to do so.

Meanwhile, you can use this forum if you are looking for future updates. Thanks!!!

Also, the forum is awfully incomplete at the moment since that was a work in progress, but we're forced to use it. We will continue to develop it once we figure out the other problems we have. Thanks for your patience!

As we still have control over our domain, will be re-directed to the forum for now. Once we have our temporary site up, we will revert it.

If you have any questions, let us know.

In regards to Puzzle&Dragon fans, ask any questions you have to ZicaZow. As we've to sort out the problem first, there won't be any updates to the tier lists for a while. Sorry about it!

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  1. B
    Blackreaper2018-08-08 04:56:23.887Z

    Dont worry adm... you're the best...
    Thank you...

    1. BakaData2018-08-08 05:44:02.095Z

      Thanks so much T.T Also, welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here ;)

    2. K
      In reply toBakaData:
      kyrai23972018-08-10 06:37:22.069Z

      Its really sad that this is happening,but it will come to pass. Good work admin :)). By the way,will there be no Shokugeki no Souma spoiler this week?

      1. KKapeesh2018-08-10 09:36:54.529Z

        It will probably come out next week

        1. In reply tokyrai2397:
          BakaData2018-08-10 11:25:30.504Z

          Thanks! We're trying to sort things out :/ Also, WSJ is on break next week, so spoilers shouldn't come out this week, but there are chances that there will be very early leaks. So 'possibly' later this week? Don't quote me on that though.

        2. In reply toBakaData:
          Zica2018-08-07 15:02:24.042Z

          Feels bad man

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