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Hajime no Ippo 1269 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-07-13 16:19:43.083Z
  1. J
    JohnRy2019-07-16 07:15:55.231Z

    Ippo is seen sitting and drawing on the table taking notes about how he lost his ability to effectively jab.
    He draws how his jab is only done to get in for in-fighting. He notes how his opponents leans forward that causes their jabs and punches to have more weight supplementing his accumulated damage. He thinks on how much this information could change him if only he understood earlier.
    Fast forward, ippo is seen on the makunochi boat, a fisher client tells him how he looks since he always wear a cap. Panel shows Ippo grown his hair back.

    1. BakaData2019-07-16 12:51:33.812Z

      Thank you!

    2. X
      In reply tosystem:
      xxxntrat2019-07-13 16:19:43.181Z

      Any idea when the summary will come out?

      1. BakaData2019-07-13 16:22:42.083Z

        No idea tbh. Could be today or on the usual day. Hopefully today.