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[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma Le Dessert 2

By system2019-07-24 19:00:15.749Z
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    beyonds2019-07-24 19:02:00.745Z

    LMAO the Japanese readers were right!

    1. OyraYukihira2019-07-24 21:06:53.046Z

      especially this one :
      "There used to be people saying that Soma and Erina are related by blood (Probably those who didn’t want them to become a couple) But it’s actually Erina and Asahi who were half siblings? Also Erina is way too unlucky with her family. Her grandpa says everything is for Erina but doesn’t take any actions. Her father abused her and is a scum who has an illegitimate child. Her mother bullies her and her big brother is a criminal who abducted her."