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Domestic na Kanojo 242 Spoiler Discussion Thread

By system2019-08-26 06:50:10.124Z
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    MrF0x2019-08-26 06:50:10.267Z

    Thanks for update!
    Ps: I think that there is problem with recent chapters summary of this manga, because coment sections isn't working and it only show broken link to chat.

    Unfortunately, most recent arcs are bellow average with just plot forcing events, timings and character behaviour- like Shuu coming back up after 50+ chapters for what? If he will tell Natsuo about Hina feelings it will make at least little sense(during his last appearance he had notice that Hina can't live without Natsuo), but if he wants to go back to her it's just really weak story telling at this point(it would be opposing his behaviour and character up to this point).

    Also it's near certain that we will have weak ending where both sisters confess they feelings and Natsuo will reject the first one to do that and chose other one.
    I just hate how cliché and force it's when we had chance for good characters developments.
    If Natsuo will end up with Hina it's pretty obvious that Rui will end up running restaurant with Kajita. When in case of Rui ending Hina will most likely end up with Shuu, because he literally shows up just to move plot and Hina finally had some development outside Natsuo.

    1. ZZhct3d2019-08-26 14:30:28.202Z

      I agree with everything you said.

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        BBeOnEdge2019-08-27 00:51:51.701Z

        is this the point where new reader dosent have to start with chapter 1?

        1. In reply toMrF0x:
          OyraYukihira2019-08-27 03:44:14.783Z

          well, just like gotoubun, these kind of manga cannot eagerly to dissapointing the readers or pairing team ASAP.
          thats the main risk for authors, although I admit your opinion about this.

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            BakaData2019-08-31 22:58:22.153Z

            Thanks for letting me know. Looks like there was an issue on the page level. The issue should be fixed for upcoming domestic na kanojo pages.