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Shokugeki no Soma Le Dessert 3 Spoiler

By system2019-08-27 04:40:59.048Z
  1. K
    Kiseki2019-08-27 04:40:59.194Z

    lmao such a tease

    1. C
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      CasuallyDying2019-08-27 05:05:56.875Z

      -me reloading the page like a psychopath-

      1. S
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        sorina2019-08-27 06:42:17.335Z

        what the meaning of this And I found out that you suddenly went overseas, the reason why I got so irritated…now I know why

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          OyraYukihira2019-08-27 09:17:36.371Z

          I am not ready for the full translation

          1. M
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            MrF0x2019-08-27 10:03:45.329Z

            Pity that it's last one. I wish that we would have one more, because those 38 pages won't be enough to cover everything especially some minor funny characters like "the Ring" girl etc. Also I wanted Soma testing some disaster level gross dish on Erina finally.

            Well I like graphic reference between characters- Erina looking like Soma mother, Megumi like Hinako and Ryo like Azami.
            Also kind of surprise that Nene didn't end up with Isshiki after all. Wonder if Hinako had better luck with Kojiro. Atm it looks like only Hayama is married/settled.

            Looks like Megumi kind of has most bittersweet ending compared to other character almost total sweet/happy endings, because even after some heavy parring with Soma(also her narration in first Le Dessert was very specific) she ends up in worst spot than Hinako.
            Also guess Erina is angry after Soma few months turned to few years.

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              sorina2019-08-27 13:58:43.590Z

              what kind of reaction have about this chapter

              1. J
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                JimUheard2019-08-27 15:22:21.848Z

                Where the hell has his grandfather been? I get it , would've been explained if yuuto had the time but still. Watch him come back with miyumi lol

                1. S2
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                  Soumegu2019-08-27 23:15:11.224Z

                  At least from what I understand is that they are going to have a homecoming party for Soma’s return. I believe Megumi was on the phone with Soma hearing about his new creation while the others were getting invited, but not able to make it to the homecoming party. A lot of interesting perks so far...

                  I cannot wait for the chapter!

                  1. K
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                    Kiseki2019-08-28 05:23:22.550Z

           ended shit....its really a money milk grab for this epilogue.....extra 3 garbage chapter for what

                    1. RRToby2019-08-28 07:22:52.950Z

                      Do yoj have a link for full raw scan

                      1. Comment deleted
                        1. Ooppailover2019-08-28 17:13:39.928Z

                          What the fuxk is that ending?

                      2. In reply toKiseki:
                        KKiseki2019-08-28 08:43:24.398Z

                        author be like atlease asahi got good ending lmao fk dis shit

                        1. S2Soumegu2019-08-28 11:52:35.787Z

                          Am I dreaming or was their supposed to be another announcement coming soon for the series?