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[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma Le dessert 3

By system2019-08-27 17:13:07.446Z
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    sorina2019-08-27 17:13:07.665Z

    so no soma x erina

    1. OyraYukihira2019-08-27 19:28:38.632Z

      Nope, not yet found the full raw chapter. So any ppl don't know the rest

      1. In reply tosorina:
        JJohnRy2019-08-28 08:29:18.207Z

        There are H-manga for that already. :)
        setting the jokes aside. I think it still needs one more chapter.

        1. In reply tosorina:
          OyraYukihira2019-08-28 14:35:18.819Z

          And you are right, Sorina is pending unreasonably