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Shokugeki no Soma Le Dessert Chapter 3 Summary

By system2019-08-28 14:34:20.924Z

There are 21 replies. Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

  1. BakaData2019-08-28 17:13:18.730Z

    Alright, this is the entire full chapter summary, which concludes my translations for Soma. Which has been like going on for like almost 2 years? Thanks a lot to everyone who came to read it here! Enjoy (or at least try to enjoy it?)

    1. JJimUheard2019-08-28 17:50:08.359Z

      Yea here's hoping that he'll redeem us with a better ending with the anime or perhaps he gets into that on the 31st

      1. In reply toBakaDataā¬†:
        SSoumegu2019-08-28 20:11:06.596Z

        Thank you for your time and work!

        1. BakaData2019-08-31 22:56:12.639Z

          You're very welcome! Thanks for always being an active participant in the forum :)

        2. In reply toBakaDataā¬†:
          RRyen1712019-08-29 04:00:07.103Z

          There was suppose to be a huge announcement, any ideas what it is?

          1. BakaData2019-08-31 22:56:30.269Z

            I guess the fan book? There wasn't anything else.

            1. RRyen1712019-08-31 23:15:14.488Z

              That's disappointing

          2. In reply toBakaDataā¬†:
            DDev012019-08-29 16:23:42.633Z

            Is it really is the ending of this manga?? Or will there be some more chapters?

            1. BakaData2019-08-31 22:57:01.822Z

              There could be more in the fan book. But I doubt there will be more than 10 pages.

            2. In reply toBakaDataā¬†:
              IIbegneva2019-09-01 18:37:17.392Z

              Thank you so much ā¤ļø Btw do u know bout the fan book i saw it on twitter and iā€™m curious bout it šŸ˜­ it is in japanese so no idea what it says šŸ˜Œ

            3. J
              In reply tosystemā¬†:
              JimUheard2019-08-28 14:39:42.202Z

              Lol talk about trolling us for a month. Damn that yuuto lol.

              1. Z
                In reply tosystemā¬†:
                Zhct3d2019-08-28 14:46:46.043Z

                You're kidding, right?

                1. J
                  In reply tosystemā¬†:
                  Jcharles0162019-08-28 14:34:21.160Z2019-08-28 15:32:24.233Z

                  is that all ?? trolling us for whole month i cannot believe this will be the ending of the last chapter ;(.

                  1. In reply tosystemā¬†:
                    OyraYukihira2019-08-28 15:54:37.967Z

                    Its confirmed Tamako's death was because of cigarettes in full raw

                    1. Z
                      In reply tosystemā¬†:
                      Zhct3d2019-08-28 16:46:07.785Z
                      1. S2
                        In reply tosystemā¬†:
                        sorina2019-08-28 17:27:31.217Z

                        who's that person soma want to devote his cooking

                        1. Ddumbojumbo2019-08-28 20:55:47.528Z

                          eRINA DUHHHHH

                        2. In reply tosystemā¬†:
                          SlimBrady2019-08-28 18:48:16.748Z

                          Seriously? Wow, such a disappointing ending. ā˜¹

                          1. V
                            In reply tosystemā¬†:
                            vongdong2019-08-28 18:56:02.674Z

                            Um excuse me? Missing a few characters. What happen to the 2 goons and Marui from the dorm? What happened to Hojo, Nadasuka and Subaru? I see Ryoko is there but nothing was said about her. Heck, even Fumio should've had some screen time.

                            1. S
                              In reply tosystemā¬†:
                              Soumegu2019-08-28 20:15:42.576Z

                              Overall wholesome ending in my opinion with everyone back together! Thank you for the good years on a weekly basis!

                              1. D
                                In reply tosystemā¬†:
                                dumbojumbo2019-08-28 20:55:15.931Z

                                so youre telling me NONE OF THE CHARACTERS ENDED UP TOGETHER????? is the creator gonna make more or is he completely done??? i need sorina together