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Domestic na Kanojo 250 Summary Discussion Thread

By system2019-11-06 21:05:40.149Z
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    MrF0x2019-11-06 21:05:40.246Z2019-11-06 21:21:01.025Z

    Thanks for update!

    I hate how plot progress is force. Rui haves mental breakdown because of being harassed at work, but no one will let her family know? Especially Hina who have just visited her very recently and they know her at Rui workplace. Also her father is there...
    At the same time everyone finds/contact Natsuo in miracle way...

    I will give author bonus points if this is the final parring/choice and we will avoid standard manga drama with rejection nonsense etc.
    I was fine with both Hina or Rui if it would be done in logic way and author would focus on character development afterwards in last arc.

    However I really doubt it and I think it will go one of these ways:

    *Standard rejection cliché in last chapter- most likely

    *Some genuine conclusion to Rui and Natsuo like they realise that they are more of soulmates/light of hope in own misery more then true lovers. It was shown through manga from the start as they share similar problems from beginning- social anxiety, accepting adulthood, loosing theirs dream etc. It would be good maybe very good even, but doing it right is another thing...

    *Another portion of switching between Rui & Hina till end, because no sister from love trio will speak up and confess.

    *Out of nowhere drama like one of sisters dies in accident and we will get more arcs dealing with it.

    1. BBidji2019-11-07 04:30:02.376Z

      It should be ended by this year.... It's look like rui and natsuo will be ended together again, but I think there'll be a surprise from the author. May be... Who knows..... What ever.... Just do what ever u want