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By system2019-11-19 09:17:50.536Z
  1. M
    MrF0x2019-11-19 09:17:50.989Z

    Thanks for update!
    No sure if there is point to say much about how all this "miracles" happening makes no sense or plot being so force and below average quality.

    Is there any information about how many chapters ale left?
    I mean this author just can drag it on...

    1. HHammerU892019-11-19 16:44:51.005Z

      I read someone else post that it should be down to just three or four more chapters left in this volume so unless she decides to drag the story further and crank out another volume we should be close.

      Just waiting to see if this marriage proposal is a red herring or not.

      1. MMrF0x2019-11-20 21:56:17.844Z

        Well I'm not so sure. If this is ending around chapter 255 they would announce it next week at the latest.
        For me it's pity how some themes and characters were just rushed or left in the middle and how overall quality is below average for quite some time now.