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By system2019-11-20 07:42:59.204Z
  1. OyraYukihira2019-11-20 07:42:59.452Z

    itsuki ftw:
    5ch source adds that with the apparent kiss by Itsuki, it’s hinted that she was the one who kissed him under the bell.
    5ch source: “About that panel where Fuutaro apparently got kissed, it could be that he remembers the kiss under the bell.“

    1. MMrF0x2019-11-20 22:18:07.852Z

      Seems like it, but also it may changed.
      I wonder if ending is near or author will make more arcs like about Fuutaro mom or how theirs parents know each other.

      If it ends next year and in month corresponding to bride's it would be awesome plan from the author. Like if it's Itsuki and It would end in May (it's even her alias).

      1. OyraYukihira2019-11-21 13:31:24.510Z

        well, at this point I agree with you

    2. M
      In reply tosystem:
      MrF0x2019-11-20 22:12:05.197Z2019-11-20 22:19:52.569Z

      Thanks for update!

      Damn that father is really bad person. Didn't care about his children and theirs dreams, but also badmouths guy who took them in and truly loves them. I wonder how alimony works in Japan? That he didn't have to do anything up to the point or just author didn't use it in story?

      In case of Itsuki, for me it makes sense and she was my bet since chapter 20 or so and I mentioned it in my previous comments.
      In addition, kiss under bell bell wasn't intended- she (on of Quintuplets) triped and fell on Fuutaro. So this match Itsuki and how klutz she is.
      Also all recent kiss chapters are worth mentioning as he didn't react to any in special way and from sisters reaction we can assume that those were theirs first. Yotsuba may be exception from this as almost noting was shown.