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By system2019-11-27 22:16:39.803Z
  1. M
    MrF0x2019-11-27 22:16:40.024Z

    Thanks for update!

    To be honest I would prefer if you would go back to Kanojo Okarishimasu instead of this or just pick another manga.

    This is just dragging drama on, still no closure to Hina- always some no sense interruption. So author still can make last second change to Hina or just drag story on. I mentioned how it's lacking quality for quite some time now, but with doing things like this- it's just forcing attention and numbers of chapters/ volumes...

    1. I
      In reply tosystem:
      Ika2019-12-08 08:19:41.872Z

      Hai admin...did you not continue to translete domestic no kanojo? Please dont stop