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By system2019-12-02 05:05:32.281Z
  1. H
    HammerU892019-12-02 05:05:32.489Z

    He chose the school nurse. 🙂

    1. In reply tosystem:
      OyraYukihira2019-12-03 05:57:50.845Z

      tbh, the pacing is weird

      1. MMrF0x2019-12-03 22:24:50.425Z

        I agree, would be surprised if it ends just like that now.
        To be honest I think that Yotsuba cliffhanger is just standard plot diversion- explained in my comment.

        Would say that he would thank her for motivating him in the past and and say that he won't pick any of them at the moment.
        Or he went there by mistake, as this room looks like Infirmary and it was said that each of them will be waiting in different classrooms- even Yotsuba looked like she went back just for her phone and there was no point for her to run away.

      2. M
        In reply tosystem:
        MrF0x2019-12-03 22:15:25.507Z2019-12-03 22:25:37.519Z

        To be honest I don't think that this is ending. I mean Yotsuba was my 2nd bet after Itsuki, but still there wasn't enough story to end it just like it. For me if author would want end this quick (in about 100 chapters) he would done it in trip arc. It's more like we had clues who bride may be, but at the same time no so much true development of feelings between Fuutaro and sisters- at least no enough to pick one of them at the moment.

        Also author opened some new side stories and introduced new characters like they biological father. So I would say we should have at least 20/30 chapters left. And i think there wasn't any announcement about series ending? And the do that at least 2/3 chapters before end.