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Domestic na Kanojo 197 Summary

By BakaData2018-08-13 04:50:33.573Z

Tanabe is surprised that Natsuo came to see him. Tanabe asks how his sister is doing, and Natsuo answers that she’s back to her usual self now. Natsuo says that Tanabe seems like he hasn’t really changed, and in fact, he looks bigger than before. He says that now he has time, so he’s training regularly, and since it must be getting cold outside, training will protect him from the coldness once he gets out. Natsuo seems surprised that Tanabe thinks he will get out.

Tanage: “Once the trial is over, I will probably receive a suspended sentence, so I have to endure till then.”

Natsuo: “A suspended sentence…? Why do you think that?”

Tanabe: “I mean I haven’t done anything wrong right?”

He explains that he wanted to marry Hina, so there’s no way that he would hurt her brother. His only intention was to scare her, and then Natsuo interfered.

Natsuo: “”So you’re blaming…me? You won’t acknowledge that you have committed a sin?”

Tanabe: “A sin? It was an error. I’m not someone that should be here. I’m not like the other criminals.”

Natsuo goes to see his teacher, and the teacher takes him to the family of a victim. The family of the victim explain that they have lots of memories of their child, but every time they remember their child, they also remember the face of the culprit. So much that they want to forget everything, so they don’t have to think about the culprit anymore.

They go another family who have lost their daughter. The mother explains that she can’t help but feel hatred for the culprit, and even wishes that he would come out of prison, so she would have the chance to abruptly end his life and suffer the same fate her daughter suffered.

Scene switches to Rui and Hina. Rui explains to her sister that she has decided to go out of Japan to study. Rui says that while she isn’t in Japan, she’s sure that Hina will do a lot for Natsuo.

Rui: “But please don’t do anything that would hurt me, okay…Sorry, I’m know I’m being very selfish. But…?”

Hina: “Then…Is it alright if I do what I can do as a sister…?”


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  1. BakaData2018-08-13 04:57:39.000Z

    @Pika1991 Here's the summary you wanted!

    1. GGranberrybg2018-08-15 05:42:19.741Z

      Kindly remove the okarishimasu in the title.. its confusing XD

      1. BakaData2018-08-15 05:53:55.949Z2018-08-15 06:06:34.452Z

        What the hell...Thanks for pointing it out :D Didn't realize that haha I have it fixed!

    2. K
      In reply toBakaData:
      kyry2018-08-22 09:20:12.536Z

      Thank you admin. Can't wait for the next chapter :)

      1. BakaData2018-08-22 09:23:05.918Z

        I was about to post it now :D