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Shokugeki no Soma Thread

By BakaData2018-08-14 04:48:45.696Z2018-08-16 07:00:41.201Z

Hey everyone! Welcome to BakaData Forum's Shokugeki no Soma Community. This place is reserved for Shokugeki no Soma content, so please only post content related to that manga! You are welcome to post anything you want (Questions, Fan Art etc.) Enjoy!

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There are 46 replies. Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

  1. OyraYukihira2018-08-16 05:42:15.633Z

    is the spoiler is still on going right now? hope that everything will be fine normally

    1. BakaData2018-08-16 05:44:46.031Z

      Yeah we will continue as usual! There is a spoiler out right now, but I'm still confirming its validity. Once it's confirmed, I will post it here ;) Thank you!

      1. OyraYukihira2018-08-16 05:46:30.911Z

        thanks for the confirmation

        1. BakaData2018-08-16 05:59:10.938Z

          No problem!

          1. OyraYukihira2018-08-30 07:34:47.449Z

            do you have the proper raw spoiler link? I'll try to translate it as I can

    2. S
      In reply toBakaData:
      sorina2018-08-16 19:44:22.650Z

      sir i ask where's the spoiler of shokugeki no soma

      1. BakaData2018-08-17 02:20:30.937Z

        It will be out soon. I don't want to release spoilers that are not 100% reliable, and potentially mislead you all.

        1. Ssorina2018-08-17 02:21:47.636Z

          thanks. for answer

          1. BakaData2018-08-17 02:27:56.304Z

            No problem! Thanks for you patience!

          2. In reply toBakaData:
            Shitposter2018-08-17 02:28:13.413Z

            I recommend you to post them before tomorrow morning. Do you have an estimated time when spoilers will be released?

            1. BakaData2018-08-17 02:29:55.713Z

              I'm waiting for the image leak to happen, which usually occurs around this time. So it should be out pretty soon.

              1. In reply toShitposter:
                BakaData2018-08-17 02:31:19.041Z

                Also, I have already translated the leaked text, so if the image leak confirms the text, I will post it immediately!

                1. Sspiderdewgong2018-08-17 02:35:09.950Z

                  Thanks buddy, Erina is in infirmary?

        2. E
          In reply toBakaData:
          erinayukihira2018-08-23 05:18:39.898Z

          sir where's spoiler leak of chapter 276

          1. Kkyrai23972018-08-23 14:23:24.396Z

            patiently waiting too

            1. In reply toerinayukihira:
              BakaData2018-08-23 15:46:25.816Z

              No leak on 5ch yet. I would say the spoiler will come out in 10-11 hours from now.

              1. Shitposter2018-08-24 01:38:44.428Z

                Anything so far? You guys have a few hours before tomorrow morning.

                1. Noble2018-08-24 03:18:37.275Z

                  Wtf I really thought I read somewhere that there wouldn't be any chapter this week too, I'm happy a chapter is coming after all.

                2. In reply toBakaData:
                  Mm.o.k2018-08-24 04:34:57.463Z

                  the spolier text and pics are out now .

                  1. In reply toBakaData:
                    SSara2018-08-24 13:42:32.080Z

                    Hi i just want to ask if every thing okay you didn't post the spoiler of ch276 that's all

                3. K
                  In reply toBakaData:
                  Korapika02018-08-29 22:35:05.114Z

                  Did the admin abandon this project ??

                  1. BakaData2018-08-30 12:33:57.729Z
                  2. E
                    In reply toBakaData:
                    erinayukihira2018-09-05 03:54:33.737Z

                    sir where's the spoiler of chapter 278

                    1. BakaData2018-09-05 04:18:56.534Z

                      Tomorrow at the earliest or in 2 days at the latest. Depends on when the leak happens.

                    2. E
                      In reply toBakaData:
                      erinayukihira2018-09-06 04:31:16.991Z

                      sir the summary of 278 are already leaked why you didn't translate it if okay i'am ask

                    3. E
                      In reply toBakaData:
                      erinayukihira2018-09-12 23:30:47.599Z

                      sir i'am ask if okay its there leaked of chapter 279

                      1. BakaData2018-09-13 01:24:05.567Z

                        There are no leaks yet. I don't know when the leaks will come out. I will post them once they are out.

                      2. E
                        In reply toBakaData:
                        erinayukihira2018-09-19 11:46:16.969Z

                        sir there short spoiler out on chapter 280

                        1. BakaData2018-09-19 15:25:21.139Z
                        2. G
                          In reply toBakaData:
                          Gildarzt2018-09-27 08:49:57.814Z

                          Hello, do you know something about 281 summary? thank you

                          Kind regards

                          1. BakaData2018-09-27 18:02:28.589Z2018-09-27 18:24:54.246Z

                            There is a leak out on 5ch, but I don't know if it's real or not. So I will wait till the images come out.

                            1. GGildarzt2018-09-27 18:19:14.569Z

                              Oh ty!!!

                              1. BakaData2018-09-27 18:25:04.120Z

                                No worries. Thanks for asking!

                          2. S
                            In reply toBakaData:
                            sorina2018-11-29 13:23:11.546Z

                            where's the spoiler of chapter 290

                            1. S
                              In reply toBakaData:
                              sorina2018-12-06 08:31:26.816Z

                              where's the spoiler of chapter 291

                              1. S
                                In reply toBakaData:
                                sorina2018-12-25 09:06:21.205Z

                                there's no chapter this week

                                1. BakaData2018-12-25 22:28:57.346Z

                                  Thanks @sorina

                                  1. Ssorina2018-12-26 03:40:35.960Z

                                    i mean they say there's no chapter this week and i want to know if that true

                                    1. BakaData2018-12-26 04:09:08.525Z

                                      Ahh okay. Yeah there won't be a chapter this week. The official release is scheduled on 1/7/19.

                                2. S
                                  In reply toBakaData:
                                  sorina2019-03-07 07:58:10.715Z

                                  where's the spoier of 302

                                  1. BakaData2019-03-07 21:05:07.682Z

                                    Not out yet. Probably in 6-8 hours from now? Not sure. Depends on when the 5ch leaker or baidu leakers drop it.

                                  2. S
                                    In reply toBakaData:
                                    sorina2019-04-04 06:56:32.831Z

                                    where's the spoiler of 306

                                    1. S
                                      In reply toBakaData:
                                      sorina2019-04-24 10:53:18.274Z

                                      where's the spoiler of shokugeki no soma 309

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