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Shokugeki no Soma 275 Spoiler

By BakaData2018-08-17 02:46:25.710Z2018-08-18 03:32:24.574Z


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  1. BakaData2018-08-17 02:48:23.763Z2018-08-17 02:57:37.498Z

    Translating the image leaks, so give me 10-20 minutes! *Done

    1. SSara2018-08-17 02:56:58.232Z

      Thank you very much for your hard work

      1. BakaData2018-08-17 03:00:14.022Z

        You're welcome! Thanks for your kind words ^^

    2. K
      In reply toBakaData⬆:
      Kyotos2018-08-17 03:28:31.268Z

      Soma got thrown in the trash can? Or what happened?

      1. SSara2018-08-17 03:36:27.036Z

        How can I see the pictures

        1. In reply toKyotos⬆:
          SSara2018-08-17 03:41:00.812Z

          And by the way Idon't think it's soma

          1. BakaData2018-08-17 03:43:08.597Z

            5ch source says it's Soma.

            1. KKyotos2018-08-17 05:59:10.559Z

              Some dude on reddit says it's not on 5ch...

              1. BakaData2018-08-17 06:02:57.046Z


                The bolded part is where it says Soma is in the trash. Translates to "Soma was in the trash can"

          2. In reply toKyotos⬆:
            BakaData2018-08-17 03:41:38.340Z

            I think he got blown away after tasting Suzuki's dish, and then fell in the trash can.

            1. KKyotos2018-08-17 03:52:33.543Z


              1. In reply toBakaData⬆:
                SSara2018-08-17 03:54:17.325Z

                😂😂😣😣 thanks for clear that to me I think I will stop reading the manga I hope I can I didn't sleep for a hole day for this spoiler and my heart is killing me I even don't know if like erine or soma anymore I'm so confused right now

            2. T
              In reply toBakaData⬆:
              Type3rotiK2018-08-17 10:57:29.122Z

              That bitch of susuki ! Only Soma can touch Erina!