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Hare Kon 172 Summary

By BakaData2018-08-20 07:53:12.302Z2018-08-20 18:05:53.630Z

Hare Kon 172 Summary was translated by BakaData

Ryuu is bathing in a hot spring and says it’s hot. Madoka comes in apologizing for being late. Ryuu discovers a scar in her stomach area. Madoka explains that she has removed her uterus. She says that Ryuu probably doesn’t like the scar, but it’s not as bad as before.

Ryuu: You know that old scars are my favourites. There’s no way I wouldn’t like it. But I do think why I couldn’t be beside you though.

They are now back in their room and are having sex. Madoka is hiding her scar, but Ryuu asks her to show it and licks the scar.

As Ryuu licks all over her body, he tells Madoka not to keep her voices, and shout it out.

Madoka: Ehm…Let me do it too. It’s big.

Ryuu: You make me embarrassed when you stare at it like that.

Madoka: Can you from now on inject all your love only to me…? I won’t be able to give birth anymore. But as long as you are beside me, I’m happy. For that, I can do everything. I love you. So only love me…

Ryuu: I can’t do that.

Madoka: But…I love you. I can’t endure it. Is there really no other way…? What should I do then?

Ryuu: I also love you, Madoka. Come back.

Madoka: No…Please! Don’t go away from me! Please be on my side forever!

Madoka is asleep but Ryuu is awake, and looks at her.

Editor’s note: “Does Ryuu have a plan?”


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There are 47 replies. Estimated reading time: 18 minutes

  1. F
    Frisca2018-08-20 09:38:26.080Z

    Goodluck harekon
    I drop this manga
    No progress ..

    1. BakaData2018-08-20 10:17:13.580Z

      Nooo T_T Don't give up just yet!

      1. FFrisca2018-08-25 10:22:37.177Z

        I change my mind. I want to see the destruction of date family So I will remain patient until that day comes.
        I just want to say this
        Madoka and Ryu have crossed the line that should not be crossed.
        Whatever the reason, even though ryu want to make Madoka back again,ryu has gone too far. what they do is no different from adultery.
        the collapse date family cannot be avoided and the cause is ryu himself..

      2. In reply toFrisca:
        Mmaahb162018-08-20 11:51:43.280Z

        me too:/

      3. P
        In reply toBakaData:
        Pikut2018-08-20 12:18:47.686Z

        Again here i am keep breaking my heart reading this . Im giving up tho ! This manga is not going anywhere. Next will be disaster after disaster. I pity all the woman here ... They are not happy at all. They all have issue. But one thing im sad is koharu loving ryu and trust him ! That is totally fuck up. Im sad.... Im so so sad at this!!!! Btw tq admin 😢

        1. BakaData2018-08-20 13:06:34.989Z

          Don't give up just yet :( Let's wait until this arc finishes and see how things will play out.

          1. PPikut2018-08-20 13:18:10.101Z

            I just cant anymore admin... Im already done with the immature and selfishness of the characters in this manga. I pity koharu for staying in this harekon. Gosh... Btw, see you on the last chapter admin 😥

            1. BakaData2018-08-20 17:03:44.031Z

              That's sad to hear :(

              1. PPikut2018-08-20 23:01:07.899Z

                Dont be sad admin . I'll support you .tq for the translation you did all this time. I always came here to read it tho. Tq again :)

        2. B
          In reply toBakaData:
          bbysui2018-08-20 23:00:35.042Z

          I don’t know what to possibly say! This is entirely a disaster. Lol! Wow.

          All I really have to say is, I’m just about done too. I’ll wait to see Koharu’s reaction/response.. but if she’s going to stand still and forgive Ryuu’s action...I’m signing off.

          Koharu better do something!! Madoka or not he’s still having an affair...

          1. PPikut2018-08-20 23:15:12.245Z

            Yas , me too. I want to see what koharu reaction towards all this bullshit. For yuzu, of course she dont care if madoka getting back or not. But for koharu, i think she will be fucking sad about this. Well you know ryu lied to her saying that he doesn't cheat right ? If she choose to leave him, than im happy with it cause she deserves better, she deserves to be happy and be mature. If not, than this manga is suck. Not to mention, the plot twist in this manga is just.. I cant stand it. 1st ,madoka left bacause of ryu choose koharu over her back than. Now, should'nt koharu supposed to do the same thing right? Sorry, im just so done with this. I dont know why i read this manga at the first place. I like it but now i just hate it... :(

            1. MMikanicole2018-08-20 23:45:31.080Z

              I wonder what will be her reaction since she was traumatized from getting cheated on so many times in her past

              1. PPikut2018-08-20 23:50:32.939Z

                Yes indeed. Isn't it pathetic for koharu? She have dark past that make her traumatised to men that always cheat on her or what is suck is already have a wife. Now this type of men is actually her husband. I thought ryu will cure her but instead he just put more damages than before! Dayum

                1. Bbbysui2018-08-22 08:34:22.514Z

                  You know what’s more aggravating the manga artist keeps drawing Madoka & Madoka x Ryun content on her Twitter ...

                  Like COME ON give us all a break. We get it. Madoka has an unhealthy obsession with Ryuu....

                  1. PPikut2018-08-22 09:29:51.209Z

                    Yes i hate it tbh. If that really happen then nothing we can do... I cannot understand this manga at all. One guy love three woman at the same time . Can he really being fair to all of them? He said he loves koharu but instead its look like he doesn't

                    1. RRadomir812018-08-22 11:18:46.368Z

                      He loves Koharu very much and he has the same feelings for the other two girls. In the manga, the show was that he misses Madoka. In the end, if there is an opportunity, he will do everything to get Madoka back to his home for his selfish reason. In this respect, this manga is good because it shows that happy life in polygons is an illusion. Ryuu is the opposite of the ideal, he is the type of man who will screw up many things. As a girl is not prepared for renunciations to live in such a strange relationship, she should stay away from it, because there is nothing to look for.

                      1. PPikut2018-08-22 11:36:24.594Z

                        I dont know how to put this, its not like i hate this manga because it was a polygamy. But instead im not happy because the characters on this manga. Ryu is selfish as ever. He is full of himself. Same goes to madoka. And i pity koharu for being so soft here...

                        1. RRadomir812018-08-22 12:01:41.046Z

                          Ryuu is selfish at the beginning of the manga and this is not a secret. He changed only in the fact that instead of sitting on the ass at home he finally went to work. Madoka tried to live alone and probably would have succeeded if Ryuu did not speak her nice words and did not touch her. You can see that she does not manage this feeling and falls into depression - as if after all this he rejected her, it would be wrong for her mental health. Koharu changed, at the beginning she hated such a life. And now she was used to it, and in total Yuzu became very important to her. Koharu, more than betrayal, will be angry that Ryuu did not tell her the truth that he works with Madoka. Koharu is not soft, she reacts very aggressively when she does not like something. Only if after years of getting used to something, it's hard to change it And if she were to leave Ryuuu now, she would also have to leave Yuzu and her child - and that's not so easy. A long life together makes damages in the brain ;p

                          1. PPikut2018-08-22 12:27:09.903Z

                            Wow... There is a point there. i do agree with you about koharu feeling for yuzu and her son. Like we know she does love 'their' son. And its not easy to just leave them behind right? But, it is the time for koharu to love herself more than she does with the other. She always put everyone else first . So i think why not she just leave. She deserves better than this. What is the point staying in this marriage when jealousy and selfishness is always there. And this is what i thought about ryu , if he truly love koharu why he lied tho? Its not enough seeing koharu aggrieved seeing how happy he does when rin was born? They like a happy couple there (yuzu and ryu) . And we know she do want to have a child with ryu but until now she not having that yet . So i think it would be the best choice, leaving them. Be happy for herself.

                            1. RRadomir812018-08-22 18:21:36.956Z

                              If she were to leave, she would do it a long time ago. I have the impression that Koharu does not do it because she is happy in this strange relationship. I do not consider her an altruist, as Koharu does not like something, I show it right away. She was also very selfish and only her relationship with Yuzu changed her previous attitude. Besides, she would be insincere now as if she was looking for another boy now. She spent too much time with Yuzu and Ryuu and too much mentally involved in some problems to change it now. The problem is that Yuzu and Koharu know well that Ryuu sighs all the time to Madoka because he misses her. They know he wants her back. So both are not too surprised to see them together on television. The only irritation is that he did not tell them anything about it, because he is an idiot. And now it seems to me that Yuzu wants to confront together Madoke and Koharu to finally clarify something. - to such a final these chapters of manga are going because both ladies have never been able to communicate.

                              1. PPikut2018-08-22 23:20:49.374Z

                                Ok i know what you want to say here. If she is happy , then nothing to worry about. Since this relationship is fucking strange and toxic there must be up and down right? But im so done here, i have enough of this manga. So good luck harekon :'(

              2. In reply toPikut:
                JJane2018-08-21 09:17:26.043Z

                Let me clear one thing. Madoka left because she’s insecured with koharu not because ryu chooses koharu. She left on her own selfishness because she wants ryu on her own. She wants to have a baby but because of her past she can’t bring a baby and that’s why she chooses to run away or should I say, that’s the reason why she divorce ryu.

                1. PPikut2018-08-21 11:44:08.200Z

                  Yup my bad for saying that she left because of ryu choosing koharu. But aren't she is the most selfish here. She doesn't want to share ryu with the other...

                  1. JJane2018-08-22 11:42:51.231Z

                    Yes your definitely right. I really want koharu to ask ryu to give her some space maybe that time ryu realize how foolish he is for cheating and betraying koharu & yuzu.

                    1. PPikut2018-08-22 12:07:31.337Z

                      For yuzu, i think she doesn't care if ryu cheat or not since she does the same thing back then. But for koharu, she will feel the most betrayed here. So im just hoping she will leave all of this. I dont care anymore about ryu and madoka thing... Just hoping the best for koharu thats all.

                      1. CCiara_1112020-04-28 17:06:28.037Z

                        She was his first in everything ofc she'll feel betrayed.

                2. In reply toPikut:
                  Kkyry2018-08-22 03:48:21.841Z

                  I totally agree w/ you. Koharu deserve better.

                  1. PPikut2018-08-22 05:00:59.968Z

                    Tq for having the same opinions as me. Im just so frustrated by this. My bad tho for thinking this polygamy will end up with monogamy. Now im so confused who is the female lead here? It doesn't like koharu is... This all is trash 😥

                    1. Kkyry2018-08-22 09:21:19.173Z

                      Let's pray it's Koharu 🙏

                      1. PPikut2018-08-22 09:31:18.610Z

                        Yes that what im hoping too but.... Sigh

                  2. In reply toPikut:
                    Gglassheart2018-08-24 07:51:49.100Z

                    I agree with you! I want so badly for Koharu to be happy. I can't take it anymore, her kindness and honesty being trampled by Ryuu. When Madoka left, Koharu was the one trying so hard to win her back, yet Madoka still left. When Yuzu want to leave too, Koharu was the one trying hard to get the family together. Madoka does nothing but just let Yuzu be on her own. Koharu was the one who made Ryuu touch the piano again. If Ryuu loves Madoka now, then go. If Ryuu loves Yuzu now, then go. I don't care anymore about Ryuu, Madoka or Yuzu. Koharu receives nothing out of this relationship, other than giving her rationality away and being insecure of her own happiness.

                    Koharu, please be happy. T_T

                    1. PPikut2018-08-24 08:06:14.039Z

                      Yes indeed. This is what im talking about! Everyone is just being selfish . Koharu is the one that always trying to put everyone together. Even if she is feeling jealous or down and insecure with the other wives she just put that behind and always being positive and understanding toward the others. That is why i called her soft here. And it seems like ryu doesn't appreciate that! How can he say he loves koharu if he just treated her like 'not the important person' . All he does was banging her on the bed . Yes, personally i dont care anymore ryu wanna be with who. If he choose madoka. Then go. Goodluck with that! But one thing, i just hope koharu to leave . What is point staying on this marriage ? Love. Naa. Its only making her heart broke again. Its not worth it anymore.

                3. S
                  In reply toBakaData:
                  snowalice2018-08-20 23:30:10.064Z

                  oof my heart
                  i hope koharu leaves them all :(((

                  thank you for the summaries as usual, even among the problems that are going on right now. i'll see you next summary!

                  1. BakaData2018-08-22 08:54:33.832Z

                    No problem! Thanks I will see you in the next chapter summary ^^

                  2. M
                    In reply toBakaData:
                    Mikanicole2018-08-20 23:40:43.960Z

                    I don't like the Ryuu cheating on koharu and yuzu with madoka, I really dislike her. She's being selfish and hypocritical. I'm certain that madoka will not have her way in having Ryuu to herself. I also have a feeling that the hare kon will be broken up towards the end of the manga because I don't see how this can work in the long run with koharu and madoka's feelings involved.

                    1. PPikut2018-08-20 23:52:11.377Z

                      Yes. Madoka is more dangerous here. She is like poison tho. And i dont see this coming...

                    2. J
                      In reply toBakaData:
                      Jane2018-08-21 09:01:32.709Z

                      Here it comes the selfish madoka. From the start she really wants ryu for herself only. Not to mention she’s angry at koharu because she knew that she’s ryu’s first love.

                      1. K
                        In reply toBakaData:
                        kyry2018-08-22 03:48:49.802Z

                        Thank you admin ^^

                        1. BakaData2018-08-22 08:53:58.363Z

                          You're very welcome :)

                        2. J
                          In reply toBakaData:
                          jojo0012018-08-26 08:35:33.227Z

                          okay, this manga is suck
                          koharu deserves better than this man. She must leave hare kon :(
                          i think this manga should tell us how strong a woman can live without man or even woman has a soft heart she can use her brain to think too
                          come on what a man ryuu is, he even cant choose one of them. He wants all of them. Just a selfish man..
                          I bet, at the end.. all of them will choose to be with ryuu and happy together because in that world in this manga, all woman are brainless and blind with love and easy to tease
                          i drop this manga.. very disappointed
                          sorry my english are very bad.. still tried to study more :)

                          1. P
                            In reply toBakaData:
                            PersephoneBlack132018-08-26 20:56:55.312Z

                            I don't know why I came here to read this summary. I guess curiosity killed the cat. I started off not liking this manga, but then I started to like it half way through when I thought Ryuu was making some progress. Now I don't like it again, only this time I dislike it WAY more than before. I hate it. Everything is staying the same, Ryuu isn't growing or maturing as a character at all. I never liked Madoka but I was happy to see her character get to be on her own and do her own things. I was even happy for Koharu. Now I'm done. DONE.

                            1. M
                              In reply toBakaData:
                              Mari2018-09-03 10:13:45.428Z

                              I wish Ryu could just choose Madoka. I think they are meant for each other, theyve been through so much stuff and Madoka (at least that's how I see it) is the one that deeply loves him. Yuzu will be okay without him, she doesn't really love him after all, and Koharu... Maybe she just got used to the hare kon but she would be better off alone, the whole situation just hurts her.
                              Ugh, perhaps I was too touched by young Madoka's story, I only want her to be happy with the man she's always loved.

                              1. RRadomir812018-09-03 11:48:17.457Z

                                Yuzu loves him sincerely, it can be seen in earlier chapters. As if it was different, it would have left him for a long time. She simply has a different approach to life or family matters. Madoka and Koharu are very possessive. Only that Koharu deals with it somehow. Madoka usually gets depressed for it.

                              2. In reply toBakaData:
                                BakaData2018-09-03 14:18:23.996Z

                                Will upload chapter 173 summary later! Thanks for making this comment section so engaged! Appreciate you all!

                                1. FFrisca2018-09-03 15:47:31.053Z

                                  I look forward to it ... and it looks like Madoka is turning into an evil woman

                              3. C
                                In reply toBakaData:
                                Ciara_1112020-04-28 17:05:28.838Z