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Domestic na Kanojo 198 Summary

By BakaData2018-08-22 09:24:26.056Z

Domestic na Kanojo 198 Summary was translated by

After Hina asks if it’s alright helping Natsuo as an older sister, Rui answers that it’s OK. Hina says that she wants to see both of them smile. Rui apologizes for having said that, but Hina says it’s best to spit out any concern one has, and asks if she wants to take a bath together.

As Natsuo is studying for his exams and assignments, he receives a text from Rui asking him to leave the whole next Saturday open for her. They go to the same Karaoke station they went to when they first met each other. Rui wants to sing a new song called “First Love”.

Rui: “Until recently, I was never interested in new or any love song, and considered them to be rather boring. But since I started to date with you, I began to think that such songs and their lyrics as pretty good…”

Natsuo also wants to take Rui to a nostalgic place. They go to the Akamori School’s cultural festival. They go to their old teacher and Natsuo gives him a present as a sign of appreciation for visiting him when he was hospitalized. The teacher asks how his writing is going on.

Natsuo: “I recently went to see the person who stabbed me. And Tougen sensei accompanied me to several interviews as well. So I’m currently giving my best to write.” And Rui says that she will go out of Japan to study.

They go to the rooftop to talk.

Rui: “I’m kinda worried that you will cry everyday when I’m gone.”

Natsuo: “What are you saying? You are the crybaby.”

Rui: “I will be fine. Once I’m over there, I probably won’t even have the time to cry. Natsuo…even if we’re in different places, let’s give our best!”

Natsu gives her necklace, where two will complete it. He was thinking of giving her a ring, but thought that it would end up bothering her when she cooks. Rui cries and says that she doesn’t want to leave him, and that she wants to beside him forever, and Natsuo answers that their feelings are mutual.

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Rui’s mother: “I’m no good…I can’t help but being concerned…”

Hina: “We will feel lonely, don’t you think?”

Natsuo: “Yes…But I’m sure we will be fine”

Editor’s note: “Until the day when it (the necklace) will be one. Natsuo and Rui will go different ways till then…”

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    Ntr will coming soon, hahaha.

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      Awwww... Thank you admin ^^

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          Frisca2018-08-25 10:16:39.912Z

          “Until the day when it (the necklace) will be one. Natsuo and Rui will go different ways till then…”
          the author gives a sign that Rui and Natsuo will end together 😃😃😃😃